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Industry Folks - Dylan Howell, Alpha Testing

image Dylan Howell, Outside Sales, Alpha Testing, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Dylan Howell, like many others in the construction industry, began his construction career after college doing inside sales for a local construction aggregate company. It wasn’t long after that he graduated to outside sales and business development for Alpha Testing.





    Born and raised in Houston, TX, Howell did what every young teenager does. He attended school and hung out with his buddies, that is, until his family moved. Just about the time Howell was to start high school, his family moved overseas. He would experience high school in a new country away from his friends, in Singapore, where his father’s job in oil and gas would take them. The transitioning was difficult at first, but Howell would find that he was going to school with other Americans who were in the same boat, which made it easier to adjust.   
    After graduating high school, Howell moved to San Antonio to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2014.
    Single with no children, Howell has two rather unique dogs.  Larue is a five- year-old Great Pyrenees and Marley, a Miniature Goldendoodle puppy. 
    Howell is, however, engaged. He and his fiancé, Amy, enjoy listening to live music, which is a favorite pastime for this young man. “I like to go to Floores Country Store for live Texas Country. For the past two years, I have attended the Steamboat Music Fest in Steamboat Springs, Co.”
    In addition to enjoying music, Howell’s a big-time Spurs fan. “I’m a huge Spurs fan. I’m constantly attending their games. Go Spurs Go!” And when he is not hanging out and listening to music and attending Spurs games, he is golfing, fishing and you guessed it, grilling. “In my free time I like to go to the gym or play a round of golf with some buddies. I also like to grill and relax in my backyard.“
    Being able to work with all types of people on all levels in the industry as well as being able to do something exciting and new every day is what Howell likes most about his job - seeing a project he has personally been a part of and being able to see it through the entire process from start to finish.
    When asked if there was a certain someone who has mentored him along the way, someone who has kept him grounded, he had this to say:
    “I have had various mentors throughout my life who have all helped me in one way or another to get me to the point in my life that I am at today. I would not choose just one mentor, but multiple throughout, and they know who they are - family members, my parents, my brother, my fraternity brothers, professors, coaches, bosses, and colleagues. They have all shown and guided me. Thank you!” -cmw

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