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Industry Folks - Nadia Noel-Anglade, Beldon Roofing

image Nadia Noel-Anglade, Business Development Texas Markets, Beldon Roofing, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - There’s no better person to be the face of one’s company than Nadia Noel-Anglade. The perpetually up-beat Anglade loves life, loves learning, loves people and loves to roll up her sleeves because she loves her job.






     Anglade hails originally from the island of Trinidad, the largest island in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, off the coast of Venezuela. There, she was a model, dancer, and ran track in high school.
    (She’s not sure why we call our sport “football,” as there isn’t a lot of kicking in it.)
    She was recruited by Monroe College in the Bronx. Anglade studied hospitality and tourism management. This was a natural fit for one having such a sunny disposition.
    Going to the Big Apple can be a major shock for anyone, but for this island girl, the cold winters proved to be the biggest shock to her system, especially waiting for busses while people drove by in their nice, warm cars.
    After college Anglade was a recruiter for Monroe College all throughout the Caribbean.
    Life brought her back to New York City, where she met her future husband, who, as a reserve Army combat medic, had his Advanced Infantry Training here in San Antonio. When Anglade came here for a visit, she fell in love with the Alamo City. Even after visiting many places in America, Anglade says that “Out of all the states, Texas is one of the most beautiful.”
    It’s also a lot warmer than the northeast. Just sayin’.
    One thing Anglade does love about traveling all over the U.S. is experiencing all the different cultures and foods. Also, there is a wide variety of beauty to be found.
    But it’s in San Antonio that became her home, as she loves “the people and culture” here.
    As to her work, Beldon Roofing created the position of Business Development just for her, starting in October 2017. Even though she knew nothing about roofing, Anglade is “a naturally curious person” who is soaking up all the opportunities she can. She’ll even climb up on a roof to see what all goes into roofing, making a fashion statement in her purple overalls and purple hat.
    Anglade has to travel a lot, meeting all kinds of people in all walks of life. But even this is good because “I get to party everyday in my car,” she laughs.
    Anglade loves being challenged and learning and growing. Her position at Beldon facilitates that. Throw in some good partying as she travels about, and she’s very fulfilled in her job and life.
    No more standing out in the cold for this island girl. -dsz

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