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Industry Folks - Joshua Olin Jonesl, Intertech Commercial Flooring

image Joshua Olin, Jones Project Coordinator, Intertech Commercial Flooring, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - If you are in the commercial construction industry in San Antonio, you probably know Josh Olin Jones. If you are an avid outdoorsmen, you probably know Josh.If you are into barbequing, you most definitely know Josh and his father, Mark.





    Jones was born in Houston, TX in the oldest hospital, the first hospital, in Houston - St. Joseph Hospital. At the age of six he moved to Oak Hill, an area between Austin and Dripping Springs, where he grew up. “I couldn’t have imagined growing up anywhere else, plenty of hill country to roam and no humidity! I got to experience Austin how it was intended and not how it is now.”
    He graduated from James Bowie High School in Austin. After graduating high school, he went to work as a ranch hand for several years. This is probably where his real passion for the outdoors began.
    What you probably didn’t know about Jones is that he was once an MMA fighter. For those of you that don’t know, like myself, what an MMA fighter is, it is a mixed martial arts fighter. From 2002-2007, Jones held a pro card as an MMA fighter. Due to rib injuries, Jones retired and moved to San Antonio and began working in the construction industry with Intertech Commercial Flooring as a coordinator. “Most of my family is in the industry in some sort of fashion.”
    Jones has been married to his beautiful wife, Heather, for nine years.   They do not have children per say, they have dogs - a yellow lab named Tejas, a chocolate lab named Whiskey, and a basset hound named Bella. In his free time, he enjoys training his dogs.
    As you may have surmised, Jones is your typical outdoorsman. His hobbies include, and I quote, “hunting, firearms/archery, competitive barbecuing, training his dogs for bird season, and taking care of the horses.” He enjoys spending his free time outdoors, working his land, shooting bows, playing with guns and messing with his horses.
    “The fact that I get to work for my father is the thing I like most about my job.    My mentors are all of the male figures in my family. Every one of them are the hardest working men I know. My grandfather, Scrapps Jones, instilled  the value of a hard day’s work into the entire Jones family. Regardless of what you are doing, do it to the best of your ability. My father, Mark Jones, has carried that out through the years teaching me. And I thank God for having the opportunity that I do through Intertech Flooring and Bill Imhoff. Bill has been a role model over the years and it’s an honor to be able to work for someone like that, and as well, him being a great friend!”  -cmw

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