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Industry Folks - Terri Pasley, Sundt Construction Inc.

image Terri Pasley, Office Manager, Sundt Construction Inc., San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Jokingly referring to herself as an Air Force brat, Terri was born in Marysville, CA and grew up in a small town in Western OK. When Terri says small, she means small. Her graduating class was a whopping 22 in size.




    After moving to San Antonio in ’86, she attended Hallmark University and acquired her Associate Degree of Applied Science Business in Accounting. 
    It all began for Terri while married.  While married, Terri and her former husband started Pasley Construction, which brought her to San Antonio for the construction of their largest client’s corporate office located here.
    Terri has worked in Sundt’s San Antonio office as office manager overseeing daily operations and providing support to the local leadership team for the past four years. Prior to Sundt, Pasley has had the privilege of working for several San Antonio GCs over the years having been in the San Antonio construction industry since 1992.
    Interestingly, Terri recalls her tenure at Koontz McCombs Construction during the time Red McCombs owned the Minnesota Vikings when they leased three buses to drive the employees to a football game in Houston.  “I was not a Vikings fan (Go Cowboys!), but I really enjoyed the adventure.”  She also reflected on people picketing the demolition of the old Earl Abel’s restaurant on Broadway, which made the news.
    Terri has three grown-married children and 10 grandchildren.  Her oldest daughter Jamie works as a project manager for SAMCC’s Facility Management.  Her son Brett works on maintaining the Dominion golf course.  Her youngest daughter is a stay-at-home mom.  “I also have a granddaughter, 82nd Airborne and grand son-in-law serving and stationed at Fort Bragg.  Army Proud!”
    Do what you love, love what you do is her philosophy. “Interacting with people in the industry; knowing that every day is something different; seeing the full cycle of a project and upon completion being able to say ‘I had a part in that development’ is what Pasley loves must about what she does.
    She has a miniature schnauzer named Nakai after the Native American music composer she discovered while on a road trip thru Colorado and Fenway, a keeshond, named after Fenway Park. She enjoys gardening, road trips, music, cooking and spending her free time with family and friends, volunteering, small home improvements and is looking forward to documenting life through the photos she’ll be taking with the new camera she got for Christmas.
    “My mother, Jean, is my mentor. She grew-up in London during WWII. I believe the dire conditions in which she endured during her childhood gave her strength and courage to deal with situations in her adult life.   Without the support of any immediate family, she raised me and my two brothers in a very unfamiliar country.  To this day, she is very proud that she became a citizen of the United States.  She instilled in all of us a strong work ethic, dignity, and compassion for others.  She is my rock!  -cmw

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