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Industry Folks - Zeke Jones, Structure Tone Southwest

image Zeke Jones, Project Superintendent, Structure Tone Southwest, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - We all know there is no letter I in the word team, but there is a letter I in the word pizza. Zeke Jones, project superintendent at Structure Tone Southwest mentions on Fridays they try to do something for the guys if the job is going well.





        “I was recently on a job at a call center they opened up in San Antonio and bought a bunch of pizzas for the guys. I think one of the tenants; the people that were moving in actually thought it was for them, so they took the pizzas. That was a little awkward moment between them,” he says with a giggle.
    Jones was born in Dallas, but in 2006 his parents brought him to San Antonio. He attended high school at Smithson Valley and received an associate degree from San Antonio College. “I had an opportunity to get in with Structure Tone as a laborer when I was about 16 or 17 in high school. Once I got out of SAC I took the opportunity to work with Structure Tone with my family.” He refers to his father who works with him.
    He spends his free time with family, friends, and beagle named Helix. Jones adds he takes trips to Seguin to visit his grandparents once or twice a month. “My grandpa is about 90 years old; he likes to mow everyday. I go out there and help him out.”
    Then when it’s no work and time to play you can catch Jones checking out the art scene. “Every second Saturday of the month down by south town they have a big art event and it’s a bunch of local artists from San Antonio and Texas. It’s music, art, and good food.” Jones also enjoys playing his electric guitar. He plays anything from rock to country.
     Back on jobs, Jones looks to his crew and says “I think it’s important that I look at the guys out here who have a wealth of experience, watch them and see what they’re doing and figure out how they are putting the pieces together. My dad steps in as a mentor of mine as well. I learn what I can from him.” What he enjoys most about his job is getting to work with some pretty neat buildings. “We do a lot of high-end finish work and putting it all together is fun to see.”
    When the hardhats are on Jones mentions, “We will do whatever it takes to get the job done.” Including a run to the store. “We have these meetings with the subs and we’ll buy tacos or pizza for the guys and every now and again there is never enough for the guys so we’ll go run to the store real quick and buy some more stuff for them.”
    You know what’s not fun, when your pizza gets taken. Now someone buy this guy a pizza. –lv

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