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Industry Folks - Whitney Oldfather, Arrow Services Inc.

image Whitney Oldfather, Business Development, Advanced Connections, Inc., San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - This native Texan isn’t riding horses on her acres of land, but she’s raising chickens. To be exact, 17 chickens. Oh and one rooster, two guineas, and two ducks. “They are just funny – I mean I haven’t killed any so I’m not eating the actual chicken. Obviously, I do get eggs and that’s fun. It’s like Easter every day,” jokingly says Whitney Oldfather. She also has her rescued lab mix puppy Charlie Brown. She says she didn’t grow up with these animals; instead it was a cat and dog like any normal household. Eventually, she would like to get peacocks too.

    Oldfather was born and raised in Austin. Now she lives in San Marcos. She received two undergraduate degrees from Texas State and a master’s in literature. Unexpectedly, she found herself in the construction industry. Oldfather works as a business development manager at Advanced Connections, Inc. “Right now we are working at the Buda municipal complex. For that project we are working for JE Dunn.” In hindsight she wishes she had known about the construction degrees that exist. Oldfather insists it’s too late for her to go back to school. Plus, she says she has way too much education as it is.

    One thing for sure is she doesn’t need her hardhat when hiking at Purgatory Creek. Hiking is just one of her hobbies. Although, she does need proper foot wear. “I just went to Cabela’s and got some hiking shoes.” Oldfather mentions a trail run race in February, which she’s a little freaked out about. “It’s a 10-mile race. My only goal is just to finish it alive.” Go Whitney!

    With the New Year here we talked about what’s to come outside of work. As a member of the Buda chamber in town she says they are putting together a trip to China in October. “I’ve never been over seas and I have a passport that’s empty, so I’m going to do that.” She looks forward to seeing the terracotta army. She’ll be able to scratch that off her bucket list. –lv

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