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Industry Folks - Mary Sweet, Surmac Inc.

image Mary Sweet, Admistrative Aide, Surmac Inc.

SAN ANTONIO - The best way to describe Sweet’s job at Surmac is the wearing of many hats. She prepares bids, makes travel arrangements for crews, keeps track of the boss’ schedule and rents equipment for the job sites, to name a few.





    “Surmac is a good company to work for.  Rick Watson (owner) is one of the nicest and most generous people I know.  We have a great group of people working here and we all consider ourselves family.  Everyone’s birthday is celebrated and we have a big family Christmas party every year,” says Sweet.
    “One of the most memorable projects we worked on restoring was the facade of the old Joske’s building in downtown San Antonio.  I remember going there when I was a kid and it was great seeing it brought back to life.”
    Sweet was born and raised in San Antonio, and has one daughter, Amy.  Another family member is a 14-year old dachshund/terrier who thinks he’s people.  Her family usually vacationed  in Rockport but since the hurricane, that won’t be happening anytime soon.
    One of Sweet’s memorable experiences was in Sausalito, for her 30th birthday.
    “We were having dinner at a restaurant on the bay and watched the fog rolling in over the Golden Gate Bridge just as the sun was setting.  The low-lying fog looked pink in the light so you could see the bridge towers rising up out of the fog.  The buildings in San Francisco looked like they were floating in the clouds.  Truly magical.”
    Sweet is a very talented lady.  She builds dollhouses and room boxes.
    “I build the dollhouses and room boxes in several different scales, up to 1 inch = 1 foot.  Not only do I make the houses and individual rooms, I also make as many of the furnishings as I can.  I also crochet miniature afghans using sewing thread and a very, very fine crochet hook.  I also make miniature quilts.”
    She says she has made replicas of family’s homes/rooms as keepsakes.
    Sweet’s other passtime is she likes to read almost everything - fiction, non-fiction cereal boxes, whatever.  However, she doesn’t read westerns. -rd

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