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Industry Folks - Tony Pieprzyca, Hart Acoustical & Drywall

image Tony Pieprzyca, Outside Sales

SAN ANTONIO - For 26 years, Tony Pieprzyca, better known as “Tony Pie,” has worked at Hart Acoustical & Drywall, but as of Apr. 21, he officially retired. Turning 66 this year, he has finished the race, he says, and while he has his health, he wants to have some fun.

    He’ll be spending time with his wife, Lori, who is also retired but has her own business. The couple has many four-legged companions in retirement, including dogs and horses. Lori loves to show horses, and Pieprzyca says he will be at the ranch riding.
    “I’ve got a small piece of property I run some cattle on, and I’m going to have the time to give it that I haven’t been able to over the years,” explains Pieprzyca. “I’m going to do my share of coast fishing. I love my bay fishing. Luckily, the ranch cuts the distance between the coast in half, so I can be there in 90 minutes from the ranch.”
    Since Pieprzyca took drafting courses in college, he started out in the industry at Beldon Roofing & Remodel-ing on the remodeling side where he worked as a draftsman and sales. Then, he went on to learn all aspects of insulation at Williams Insulation.
    When one of the owners of Williams opened a company called Great Southwest Supply in Austin, Pieprzyca went to work at the Austin commercial distribution center for drywall, metal studs, insulation, acoustical ceilings, and grid, doing what he does now. After a year, a Great Southwest Supply was opened here in San Antonio, and Pieprzyca returned to San Antonio.
    In January 1991, the company closed, but Pieprzyca was called in for an interview with Wayne Hart and Hank Bransom, and in February, he was working at Hart, helping them get the commercial side going strong.
    While Pieprzyca says he will miss the people, he notes, “I’ve got a lot of things that I want to do, and I’ve got time. I’ll still be able to see the people. You make some great friendships that will hopefully last until we’re all gone. It’s one big crazy family; we just happen to be in construction.”
    Though he has his going away party at Blue Bonnet Palace on May 4, Pieprzyca will still be around. He will be continuing as a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) for his wife’s company. Since his wife of 39 years, Lori, has always liked to sew, she started an embroidery company with her partner, Jeri Twitner, doing shirts, caps and blankets.
    Pieprzyca served on the state board for ABC for 15 years and on the South Texas Chapter board since the 1990s. He has also been a chairperson for a booth at NIOSA for about 25 years and working it for more than 30 years. And of course, he’s very active with the rodeo, running the horse sale and on the Steering Committee for the horse show. –mh

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