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Industry Folks - Sergio Perez, San Antonio Masonry & Tool Supply

image Sergio Perez, Stucco Manager

SAN ANTONIO - Sergio Perez started out at San Antonio Masonry & Tool Supply doing tasks like pulling orders in the warehouse, but today, he is the stucco manager.

    At 37 years old, Perez has been with the company for 17 years. His brother was a driver for the company and got him his start there. Though his brother is no longer with the company, Perez is still there and really enjoys helping his customers.
    “Before I came here, I was doing irrigation sprinklers,” says Perez, explaining that he installed sprinklers and did hardscape work, too, with rock and stucco, mostly on residential projects.
    After starting at San Antonio Masonry & Tool Supply, he progressed to mixing stucco, and he’s been mixing it and color matching for commercial and residential projects for about 10 years now.
    “It’s just a great place,” he says of his company and work environment where he oversees about eight people. “I like to work every day. I come here every day looking forward to it. I like my employees. We work great together. It’s different from any other work.”
    Born and raised in San Antonio, Perez’s father was in the Air Force and retired, but has since passed away, and his mother still works at the Harlandale Civic Center, where she has worked for the last 35 years. His brother is still driving, but now he’s working in the oil field. He also has a sister, who lives in Kansas and works as a nurse.
    Living in the Harlandale area, Perez and his wife, Erika, met at Harlandale High School, where their sons go to school today. Erika works as a nurse at CentroMed Clinic.
    The couple has five boys, all of whom keep them very busy. His oldest, Sergio Perez Jr., is 16 years old. And his four younger sons all have names that start with the letter J: Joel Perez, 15; Joshua Perez, 12; Jonathan Perez, 10; and his youngest, 6-year-old Jayden Perez.
    “They all love playing sports,” he says. “They play football, baseball – in school and out of school, they’re playing sports. And I help out coaching them also in football. I would play sports a lot myself, but I’m busy with them. So, I stay active with them.
    “In my spare time, I’m always with my family. We like going out camping, to the coast, Port Aransas or Corpus. I really like to spend time with the family.” –mh   

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