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Industry Folks – Zach Tschirhart, Project Executive, Marksmen General Contractors


SAN ANTONIO – Having joined the Marksmen General Contractors team in January, Zach Tschirhart is overseeing all of the company’s projects as its new project executive. Before starting at Marksmen, he spent about two to three months traveling out west and rekindled an old passion of his.

    While on his journey wandering through all the states west of Texas, Tschirhart stumbled upon Moab, Utah, which he describes as a rock climbing Mecca. Though he hadn’t been rock climbing in 19 years, he gave it a try and got bit by that bug again. For the rest of his trip, he made it a point to visit all of the major rock climbing sites in the Western U.S.
    About four years ago, he had taken a hike descending into the Grand Canyon with his parents, and he decided to take that hike again on this recent trip. He also went to the northwest point of the U.S. and visited Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and Sequoia national parks.
    Born in Houston and raised in Castroville, Tschirhart spent some time living abroad since his father worked in oil exploration. When he was about 11 years old, around 1989, they lived in China for a year, where his parents home schooled him and took the family on a two-week vacation through central China, not able to speak Chinese and with only a guidebook to lead them.
    At 16, they lived in Venezuela, prior to Chavez taking over. That was when he developed a taste for rock climbing. He did a lot of rock climbing and mountaineering there in the Andes.
    “When I moved back to Texas, I kind of fell out of rock climbing,” he says. But now, since taking his trip across the western half of the country, he has gotten back into it. He recently rock climbed at Enchanted Rock with his 7-year-old daughter, Marley.
    Tschirhart was originally a com-puter science major when he started at UTSA, but he had been working for a subcontractor doing commercial kitchen equipment in the summers since he was 16. He enjoyed working in the field and decided to change his major to focus on construction.
    He worked for the subcontractor for nine years, and then he worked for another general contractor for eight years, working his way up to senior project manager. Some of the biggest projects he has worked on in his career are the Madison High School Fine Arts and Athletics additions as well as the Bexar County Courthouse and Justice Center courtroom expansions and exterior renovations. Now, having just turned 36 last month, he’s looking forward to his career at Marksmen. –mh

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