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Focus - Training and qualifying for the future

image Jason Martin, Regional Service Manager, HOLT CAT, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Martin has been a part of the HOLT CAT team for two and half years and is responsible for the Southern Region Machine Division. Prior to this, he worked for Caterpillar’s Large Engine Center located in Lafayette, IN for 17 years. Moving his family to Texas, Martin reveals “My wife, Ashley, and children, Aubrey and Parker, have adapted well to the climate and pace of South Texas.”



What is the state of the equipment service industry?
    The industry is definitely strong and healthy. The Texas economy is growing and with that growth comes the construction of new homes, roads and infrastructure. We are fortunate to be a part of a unique situation where many new businesses are moving into the state, creating more opportunities for growth.

Have new diagnostic or other technologies changed your industry?

    Caterpillar is releasing the largest new product introduction in the company’s history between 2019 and 2020. These new products include Next Generation operating technologies to increase customer benefits in safety, productivity, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs.
    HOLT is currently piloting an app called CAT Technician. This tool provides a means to diagnose problems and identify the necessary parts needed before arriving at the job site. The application also has the ability to troubleshoot on-site using 3D and augmented reality. Prior to this, technicians spent excessive amount of time troubleshooting and navigating various systems to identify diagnostic codes. CAT Technician provides a single app for all service needs.
    At HOLT, we also use a remote monitoring system called Product Link which provides machine location, service hours and basic diagnostic codes. This helps field service technicians to understand the current health of the machine and order relevant parts before arriving on site. These features benefit both the customers and HOLT.

Well trained and qualified mechanics and technicians are the backbone of any service organization. What is HOLT doing to excel in this area?
    At HOLT, our people are our biggest asset, there are several different avenues we are taking to both hire and retain technicians. For the last seven years, HOLT has worked with local high schools providing opportunities for students within career technical education programs. Of those students participating in the program, approximately 75 percent have been hired as full-time employees.
    Additionally, HOLT has a training division called ProTech (HoltProTech.com). There are 131 available courses and approximately 80 are taught each year, which provides the ability to train both internal and external technicians. We also provide specific training paths for technicians related to their dedicated roles within HOLT whether it be engine, machine or power generation.
How has HOLT streamlined the process of service to make maintenance and repairs faster for the client?

    Over the last couple of years, we’ve piloted a dedicated rebuild facility in our Northern territory, which has allowed us to expand shop capacity and throughput. With this pilot proving successful, we are now in the process of opening another facility in Waco that will allow us to expand this concept even further through the acquisition of a retired Caterpillar manufacturing plant. This new facility will help us to better service our customers.
    HOLT CAT sells, services and rents heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, engines and generators for construction, earthmoving, mining, industrial, petroleum ang agriculture. -cwm

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