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SAN ANTONIO - MEC Aerial Work Platforms, a name synonymous with robust, unique, innovative, state-of art lift designs for over 40 years introduced its new Micro Scissors line recently which included a 13 foot platform height, lightweight, low cost, feature rich scissors lift that literally took what was long considered a commodity product line and generated new excitement and enthusiasm! ‘Rock Star’ has been the term used by tradesman to describe this versatile little Red machine.

   The smooth, quiet, precise, infinite proportional controls combined with a very short wheelbase, super tight turning radius, extension deck, and two person capacity has made it a requirement on big jobs where protecting the vertical surfaces and door mechanics is mission critical, like hospitals and laboratories. The fact that the machines utilize Direct Electric Drive, dramatically increases operating cycle efficiencies while reducing hydraulic oil, fittings, and the risk of environmental hazards – including sealed, maintenance free AGM batteries. With the 1900 lbs. weight and super compact dimensions it can fit into elevators and, together with options of an on-board inverter, take productivity to the next level – literally.
    MEC has responded to customer demand to take this concept to the next higher class and as a result the Micro 19 has been introduced! The Micro 19 has kept the original concept of lightweight, extremely low floor load pressure, high efficiency, and super compact dimensions. It has the same works-in-a-drawer chassis component layout and, in keeping with the 13 foot machine, uses a construction duty, scissor linkage that puts the rigidity in a whole different league to a mast machine. Couple this to a platform that has enough space for two workers in real life not just on paper and you have a machine that can do the work of a conventional 19 footer yet fit into so many more tight places.
    For more information contact H&E Equipment Services at 877-700-RENT.

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