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Focus – Construction Forecast – Recent election’s impact still to be seen

image Edward De La Garza, President, Gonzales+De La Garza & Associates, San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO – How do you expect 2017 to be for Gonzales+De La Garza & Associates? If you base it on our success in 2016, we’re going to do about a 30 percent increase. That’s just us, though. I see an increase in the amount of opportunities. It should continue that upward climb in infrastructure opportunities.

How do you think the recent presidential elections will affect your business?
    I do believe that does affect us. It just depends on the administration and their goals and outlook. Whether it’s cutting back on infrastructure or cutting back on federal construction, then that would have an impact on our industry. However, either administration would have wanted improvements since recent reports have said the country’s infrastructure wasn’t up to par. Yes, it does affect us, but this term, it could only improve. Not to get overly political, but the question is in financing the improvements.

Do you have any big projects on deck for 2017?
I’ll know at the end of the week if a couple of big projects will come through. I can say, as of now, that there is going to be a couple of exciting projects that are going to happen for our company and I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag until it happens.

How was 2016 for construction in the area?
    It was good year when it comes to horizontal and vertical construction in the area. There is a growing problem with the lack of workforce. I see that being a problem. Other than that, I see an upward trend in the opportunities for construction.

Were you constantly busy all year or was there any shortage of work?
We’re somewhat relatively new to general construction. We have a civil engineering and surveying background, but we’re starting to pick up in our general construction side of the business. I can’t say I saw a dip, but I saw an increase or incline in our opportunities for construction.

Have you been involved in any of the multi-family projects that have been going up?
    Not really. We don’t, but we’re open to those opportunities if they present themselves. That’s not something we’ve done on the construction side. We’ve done hotels and schools with wood-framed structures. On the engineering side, we have.

Have you seen higher quality products going to building renovations?
    Supposedly, the federal government is. That’s the idea. They would rather renovate and put money into what they have rather than build from the ground up. There’s typically a higher cost with those and it has to do with the location.

Do you anticipate newer technology impacting your company?
    Absolutely. You have to always move forward and improve the process of design and construction. We are using drones for construction and new scanning techniques for survey. There’s an added benefit of safety. If you can get out there and scan and survey a congested, highly traveled area without putting the workforce in danger, it’s an added value. –cs

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