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Park, ride, relax

image Via Stone Oak Park & Ride, US 281 and Stone Oak Parkway.

SAN ANTONIO - Founded in 1890 by Mauritz Martinsen Sundt in Las Vegas, NM, Sundt Construction Inc. specializes in transportation, industrial, building and concrete work. Today, the 129-year old company has been become known for their commitment to quality and innovative construction services.




    Sundt has 11 offices throughout Texas, Arizona, California and Utah and is 100 percent employee-owned by its approximately 2,000 employees. Sundt currently is ranked the 65th largest construction company in the United States by ENR, the industry’s principal trade magazine. The company is consistently ranked among the Best Places to Work by business publications in multiple cities, and it was named the nation’s safest construction company by the Associated General Contractors of America twice in a decade.
    Sundt constructed the Via Stone Oak Park & Ride in just 15 short months, beginning work in March 2016. The new four-story, 203,032-sf facility cost $19.7 million to construct. It provides 406 parking spaces and has direct access lanes to connect directly from the upper level of the garage to the US 281 managed lanes developed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The facility provides riders sheltered, air-conditioned waiting areas with elevators to multi-story parking.
    The structure was constructed with cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete.
    The project required extensive coordination with TxDOT due to the project’s tie into the future US 281 expansion. Structural components and utility had to be located in exact locations for future integration with the US 281 expansion, which was still two years out.
    Unlike most parking garages, this parking garage required extensive traffic studies because the park and ride facility would have a speed ramp onto the future US 281. Bus turning radii, ramp slopes and bus speed had to be considered to make sure the garage and ramps worked with the requirements of both VIA’s bus operations as well as highway traffic safety rules.
    Since the project was a design-build effort, Sundt, VIA and RVK all had to work closely to make sure all parties’ interests were met, as well as the needs of neighboring property owners, TxDOT requirements and City of San Antonio traffic needs. Project Manager Ben Martin and Project Superintendent Derrick Minor maintained open lines of communication to ensure the parties’ interests were secured.
    Sundt Construction Inc. is a full-service general contractor with offices in Arizona, California, Utah and Texas. -cmw

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