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Growth in the gardens

image Skyview of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens after the expansion.

SAN ANTONIO - The San Antonio Botanical Garden has come a long way since its idea was first conceived in the 1940s. Forty years later, the San Antonio Botanical Garden officially opened to the public in May 1980. Since then, it has been an attraction for tourists and a place of tranquility to San Antonio residents.





    In 2016, the San Antonio Botanical Garden underwent a 10-acre expansion in two phases to bring new opportunities for exploring and connecting with nature and, at the same time, discover the value of plants, water, freshly grown foods and, of course, the beautiful outdoors.
    Kopplow Construction completed Phase 1 of the Botanical Gardens expansion in February of this year. The project took 18 months to complete at a cost of approximately $15 million.
    The first phase of the expansion project consisted of a 10-acre site that includes a new welcome center, gift shop, ticket kiosk, outdoor kitchen and culinary garden, family adventure garden and related site and parking improvements.
    The Family Adventure Garden is a 2.5-acre nature play and learning place for families to explore the regions of South Texas, from an urban backyard to the Texas Hill Country and the South Texas Plains with ephemeral creeks, thundering ridges, beckoning hills, and tranquil pools. Classrooms are available to the community and for school programs along with an outdoor pavilion for events with a kitchen surrounded by a culinary garden. The air conditioning system used was designed to capture air-conditioning condensation for use as a water supply.
    The project required a large portion of site work, which included concrete work, dirt work and landscaping planted with many drought-tolerant plants. However, the weather pattern during the construction period of this phase was very challenging for the Kopplow team who worked around the clock to complete the project for its grand opening.
    Project Manager Rob Stevens and Project Superintendent Brady Cowey worked closely with Architect Christy Ten Eyck, Ten Eyck Architects and Phil Weddle, Weddle Gilmore to ensure the owner’s vision was completely met.
    Founded over 40 years ago by Ed Kopplow, Kopplow Construction is proud to be part of historic expansion to one of San Antonio’s most prized gems.
    Kopplow Construction is a general contractor in San Antonio. -cmw

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