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Because they served us…

image Main entrance of the Victory Center at San Antonio College.

SAN ANTONIO - With vast experience in higher education and healthcare projects, J.T. Vaughn Construction LLC was a natural fit for the construction of the San Antonio College Victory Center.






   The Victory Center at San Antonio College is a new facility on the San Antonio College campus that will host a number of services for veterans and military personnel to include financial aid, enrollment and registration assistance along with job training, targeted academic advising, VA and Hazelwood certifications, and psychological and emotional support.
    Vaughn began construction of the new two-story, $8 million facility in December 2016 and achieved substantial completion in March 2018 following modular wall and furniture installation.  San Antonio College started moving into the building in April with a grand opening scheduled for early May 2018.
    Structural components of the project consisted of a concrete foundation with an elevated slab-on-piers, structural steel columns, beams, and joists.
     Interior construction was comprised of metal stud partitions and drywall coupled with pre-fabricated modular walls.  Exterior materials consisted of brick masonry veneer, cast stone, glazed blocks, stucco plaster, aluminum windows and an aluminum curtain wall system with integral sunshades.
    No project goes without its challenges. The biggest challenge faced was the project site’s location. The project site is located in the most heavily congested area of the San Antonio College campus.  The site is fronted by Main Avenue on the east side, The Moody Learning Center (the landmark building on campus housing the library and multiple campus services) on the west side, and Locust Street (a main campus thoroughfare on the Southside).  Due to these constraints, the site logistics had to be carefully coordinated with deliveries being scheduled well in advance and during off hours as well as major construction activities taking place during down times on campus so that adjacent areas were not interrupted.
    What makes this building unique is its overall purpose and the people it will be serving.  Facilities such as these, solely dedicated to military personnel, are not commonplace among many colleges and universities throughout the country. It is essential that institutions of higher learning begin, continue, or expand services of this nature to aid our military service members.
    Vaughn Project Manager Matt Martinez and Project Superintendent Alton Timmons worked closely with Architect Jason Mai with Alamo Architects creating a positive aspect with Alamo Colleges/San Antonio College and Alamo Architects working as a team to bring the project within budget and still meet the program requirements, aesthetic expectations and project schedule.  Collaboration was established in knowing that the combined team efforts were being put forth with the interest of creating a facility that would serve our veterans and military personnel just as they have served us.
    J.T. Vaughn Construction Company LLC is a full-service general contractor in San Antonio with seven locations across the state. -cmw

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