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A place to play and picnic

image The work MJ Boyle General Contractors did at Pearsall Park included a large and unique playground.

SAN ANTONIO - In building a multi-faceted recreational space at Pearsall Park, MJ Boyle General Contractor provided the City of San Antonio with an exciting, safe, and lush place where children can play and people of all ages can enjoy the outdoors.





    The $5 million project took about a year to complete and included turning bare land into a park with a large playground, a splash pad, an exercise area complete with equipment and zip line, a skate park, two basketball courts, a restroom building, a jogging trail, plenty of sidewalks, and two parking lots. The job consisted of a lot of site work and concrete work.
    With a whole system of pumps and filters, the splash pad is concrete with padding and several cool water features that squirt water out in different ways that make it fun for the kids to run around and splash in the water. The skate park includes ramps and railing for skateboards to do jumps and other moves. There’s a picnic pavilion that can be used for events as well as a concession stand.
    “The biggest challenge on the job was the weather,” explains Jody Mokry, project manager. “During that timeframe, we were experiencing a lot of rain, especially when we were trying to finish and we were doing the landscape part of it. It just kept raining and raining. It was so wet that we had to wait and let it dry out.”
    He notes that the City of San Antonio was understanding of the issues the project faced due to unforeseen weather conditions and the exclusively outdoor nature of the job. The construction team was granted six weeks in extensions, which allowed them to complete the job.
    The rain contributed to a different challenge the team faced on the job as Mokry recalls, “We were working on soil that was a very expansive clay-type soil, and so there was a lot of movement trying to work around that. And when it would get wet, it would just get so muddy and boggy that you couldn’t do anything for so long.”
    The combination of the expansive soil and excessive rain made for quite a challenge, but Mokry notes that protecting the entire project came down to protecting the landscaping, which came down to the design.
    “The landscape architect did a really good job of creating swales and drainage, and it was all incorporated into the landscaping,” he says. “For example, we would have areas of landscaping with berms and swales to direct the water to drainage channels that were lined with rock. We tried to make it look natural and divert the water away from structures and paving. The key is to have a good design so that water can get away from the important areas, and I think they did a good job of that. During the job, it’s just careful planning.”
    Along with careful planning and wait-ing for the ground to dry, the construction team was also vigilant about construction materials testing. When they were ready to do paving or the parking lot, they had the proper tests performed to ensure that the soil was at the optimum moisture and density levels before doing the work. Though that happens on every job, Mokry emphasizes that it was even more important on this particular one.
    The superintendent on the job was Gene Koehler. Larry Clark was the architect for Bender Wells Clark Design, which did all of the landscape architecture and consulted with DHR Architects on the design of the building. The civil engineer for the site grading and site utilities was Bain Medina Bain. The MEP engineer was HM3 Engineering, and the structural engineer was Datum Engineering. The landscape irrigation consultant was Paul J. Radlet & Associates.
    As the landscape, contractor on the
job, Mundo Verde Irrigation & Land-scaping, had the largest part of the project, and Mokry notes, “It was beautifully landscaped – trees, plants, and planters all over. It looks really good. It’s mainly native plants, and there are all kinds of different trees, shrubs, and grasses. Mundo Verde did a tremendous job of working through and overcoming the challenges with weather and sheer size of the site. They provided the necessary resources to get the job done.” The concrete contractor was Ranger Con-crete, and D5 did the site work.
    MJ Boyle General Contractor is a local construction company that does of public work for the City of San Antonio. –mh

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