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A tale of two hospitals

image F.A. Nunnelly Co. simultaneously built two nearly identical Emerus Baptist Hospitals, one of which is located at Northwest Military and 1604.

SAN ANTONIO - After winning competitive bids for both projects, F.A. Nunnelly simultaneously built two Emerus Baptist Hospitals, the Northwest Military location and Zarzamora location.

    Construction began on both sites in December 2015 and finished Nov. 22, 2016 at Northwest Military and Oct. 26, 2016 at Zarzamora. Both projects were roughly 38,000sf each. However, at Northwest Military, about half of the first floor, approximately 9,800sf, was hospital space with the rest being lease space for medical offices to be finished out at a later date. Zarzamora has the same exact shell of the building, but the entirety of the first floor was built as hospital space.
    The facilities utilized high-end archi-tectural features, including interior and exterior masonry, decorative wall panel systems, terrazzo flooring, 3 Form pan-eling, and state-of-the-art exam rooms.
    On the medical side, both projects also included nurse call systems in each patient room, unique life support systems and medical gas systems as well as backup generators for emergency power to maintain life support in the case of electrical outage.
    “They were two separate projects,” explains Bill Wyman, project manager for the Northwest Military facility. “But due to the timing of it, due to some of our shared subcontractors, there was a lot of coordination that had to take place between both projects in order to schedule all the work and delivery of materials and everything so that both projects could keep moving forward.
    “Between the subs, suppliers and our project teams, there was a lot of shared knowledge going back and forth for both projects. So, if there was a problem on one project, it was able to be solved on both of them.”
    The subcontractors’ coordination im-pressed Wyman and Kyle Wisniewski, project manager for the Zarzamora facility. Wisniewski notes that when the owner expedited the schedule, they had to re-schedule all the suppliers, materials and equipment to come sooner than expected, and that would not have been possible without those parties working with them to help them overcome that challenge.
    Some of the biggest challenges faced during the build regarded per-mitting as well as a record number of rain days in October. On Northwest Military, Wyman recalls that the biggest issue was with unforeseen utility permitting due to it holding up so many other parts of the project’s critical path. The timeframe to finish out and punch became compressed up against the deadline because, for example, he says they were only able to get water to the building about three weeks before they were ready to turn the building over. Again, their subcontractors worked with them and worked extra hours to make sure it was done on time.
     “The project owners gave us very high regards following the project’s completion. They have told us that they use F.A. Nunnelly as the standard with their contractors that they use across the nation because of our success in completing fast-paced schedules,” says Blaine Beckman, vice president of operations. “The owner has a great relationship with us and they were very impressed with our ability to take our original schedule, completely redo it with a concentration of phased construction in order to meet their expedited schedule, and our abilities to close out our projects with all documentation turned in to meet all their funding requirements so they can close the project out on their end.”
    The superintendent for Northwest Military was Mike Pate, and for Zarzamora, the superintendent was Daryl Frye. The design team was the same for both projects. The architect was Philo Wilke Partnership, based in Houston. The structural engineer was ASA Daily, also based in Houston. The MEP engineer was Telios PC, based in Sugar Land. The landscape architect was RVK Architects, based in San Antonio.
    Subcontractors that worked on both projects included Urban Concrete Contractors, South Texas Erectors, JR Waterproofing, Texas Fifth Wall, Architectural Division 8, and Baker Drywall. Subcontractors on the Northwest Military project also included The Koehler Company, JE Travis, Opiela Mechanical, Weber Electric, WPM Construction, and Earth Tones. Subcontractors on the Zarzamora project also included AC Technical Services, Eldridge Electrical Co., Mesa Equipment, Texas Ecogrow, and AR Utilities.
    Established in 1922, F.A. Nunnelly is a commercial general contractor that spe-cializes in public, private, retail, educational, healthcare/medical, some light industrial work and is celebrating its 95th anniversary this year. –mh

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