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Getting out of the heat!

image ABC, ASA, MCA-SMACNA and TACCA members at the Blue Bonnet Palace for the Summer Shingdig

SAN ANTONIO - There’s nothing like a shindig to cool things off during the hot days of summer. Members from Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), American Subcontractors Association (ASA), Mechanical and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (MCA-SMACNA) and Texas Air Conditioning Cooling Contractors Association (TACCA) along with the great folks of AmeriCRANE Rentals LP joined forces and gathered together at Blue Bonnet Palace for the 2019 Summer Shindig. The event was held on Jun. 13 with a great show- ing. AmeriCRANE displayed several new cranes for spectators to view and check out the crane’s new technology. -cmw

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