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Clays of electricity

image First Place Traveling Team Trophy: Team Ancira 2

SAN ANTONIO - The Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) hosed their 10th annual sporting clay fun shoot Jun. 1 at the San Antonio Gun Club. “What a great shooting day we had! We had our biggest turnout ever with 127 shooters,” says Executive Director Julie Howard. -cmw





Traveling Team Trophy:
1st Place: Team Ancira 2 – John Johnson, Clyde Culver, Larry Duke and Dewey McTee (score 187)
2nd Place: Team Ancira 1 – Larry Jones, Jay Gable, Bruce Culver and Bryan Catalani (score 183)
3rd Place: Team Broadway Bank – John Cruz, Tom Quintero, Joe Kryszak and Neil Boecking (score 163)

Men Flight 1Winners:
2nd Place: Jay Gable, score 50
3rd Place: Jody Johnson, score 49

Men Flight 2 Winners:
1st Place: Kyle Gaylord, score 37
2nd Place: Wyatt Ortiz, score 37
3rd Place: Brad Jones, score 37

Men Flight 3 Winners:

1st Place: Johnnie Knox, score 23
2nd Place: Brandon Beck, score 23
3rd Place: Wally Esquivel, score 23

Women’s Flight Winners:

1st Place: Kate Moser, score 24
2nd Place: Annalise Heuse, score 20
3rd Place: Loretta Kerner, score 14

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