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Braving the elements


SAN ANTONIO - Despite the on-going drizzle, more than 150 individuals participated in the 40th Annual Hunter’s Symposium Sept. 27 at Bexar Community Shooting Range in Marion, TX. Long-time member, Louis Mosel, LC Mosel Company celebrated his 90th birthday at the event. The event was hosted by MCA-SMACNA. Photos courtesty of Mary Haskin photography. -cmw


Bullseye winner:  Adam Vega

Guest Rifle Division winners:
1st Place:  Matt Landrum, NEISD
2nd Place:  Rick Barrera,  IMEG Corp
3rd Place:  Ian Vohwinkle, MS2 Consulting

Associate Rifle Division winners:

1st Place:  Chuck Baumgarten, PMI
2nd Place:  Frank Tuttle, Texas Air Systems
3rd Place:  David Bugge, PMI

Member Rifle Division winners:
1st Place: Chuck Clark, Service Mechanical Group
2nd Place: Scott Braune, The Brandt Co.
3rd Place:
Mark Zinsmeister, Service

Mechanical Group Ridiculous Rifle winner:
William Wilson, Tezel & Cotter

Expert Trap winner: 
Hayward Decker, AJ Monier

Guest Trap Division winners:
1st Place:  Roy Jackson, Retiree
2nd Place:  John Scott, Retiree
3rd Place:
  Phillip Allen, Christus Santa Rosa

Associate Trap Division winners:
1st Place:  Ken Brothers, Siemens Industry
2nd Place:  John Cook, Mechanical Reps
3rd Place: 
Andrew Rodriguez, Texas Air Products

Member Trap Division winners:
1st Place:  Jeremy Jones, M&M Metals
2nd Place:  Mike Bachofer, LC Mosel Co.
3rd Place:  Joe Cavicchi, The Brandt Co.

Terrible Trap winner: 
Jim Rodriguez, James T Rodriguez Consulting

Expert Skeet winner: 
Justin Odom, Performance Contracting

Guest Skeet Division winners:
1st Place:  Brian Keller, Cleary Zimmermann
2nd Place:  Clint Uhlman, Spaw Glass
3rd Place:
  Michael Arreguin, CBRE

Associate Skeet Division winners:
1st Place:
Aaron Caldwell, Texas Air Sys.
2nd Place: Scott Hutcheson, Texas Air Sys.
3rd Place:
Kenner Coon, Texas Air Products

Member Skeet Division winners:
1st Place: Richard Schmidt, The Brandt Co.
2nd Place: Darrell Hagendorf, The Brandt Co.
3rd Place: 
Deborah Wertheim, LC Mosel

Shoddy Skeet winner:
Jim Knight, Siemens Industry

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