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Shoot ‘n’ skoot

image Yellow Course Winners: Guido Construction

SAN ANTONIO - It was a great day for the shooters attending the 8th Annual Shoot N Skoot on Aug. 4 at the National Sporting Complex hosted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). -cmw






The winners were:

Blue Course:
Team:  Terracon Consulting Engineers Inc.
Best Male Shooter:  Bailey Welch
Best Female Shooter:  Cayce Carly

Red Course:

Team:  CDS Muery
Best Male Shooter:  Derek Snogo
Best Female Shooter:  Inez Mai

Yellow Course:

Team:  Guido Construction
Best Male Shooter:  Steve Thode
Best Female Shooter:  D’Anna Wallace

Brown Course:

Team:  LPA Architects
Best Male Shooter:  Brian Gottardy
Best Female Shooter:  Carolyn Ramon

Green Course:

Team:  IMEG Corp.
Best Male Shooter:  Edward Ortiz
Best Female Shooter:  Michelle Seward-Davis

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