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Of all things to sea


HOUSTON - The outdoors is an escape from our concrete jungles. Travel can take you out of your comfort zone. Words can hardly express what was experienced in Mexico. All I can say is there is so much to indulge in, not just comida y tequila.




    We embraced the Caribbean Sea waves while taking a sailboat to the well-known Isla de Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Cancun. There we discovered the aquatic life while snorkeling. We swam with schools of fish! The Caribbean Sea is more than a clear blue ocean; it is a breath taking view of underwater life. 
    Xoximilco, Xoximilco! That chant will never be forgotten, nor will the food. Crickets along with a taste of traditional cuisines of Mexico were on the menu during our gondola dinner tour into the canals of Xoximilco. The Aztecs are known to have built the canals.
    The Xel-ha Park is an aquatic theme park. You can explore the Mayan covered cenote (cave) with snuba, a snorkel and scuba activity that takes you 30 ft. below the water. The beauty beneath the ocean is remarkable and the history of these attractions is enlightening.
    Cancun is full of life, entertainment and culture. Not only did I visit the country, I discovered the purpose of visiting. The Spanish language will bring out your true Mayan.
    When was the last time the outdoors took you out of your comfort zone? Where was your last outdoor adventure? What activity did you participate in? Share it. –lv

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