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Aspiring to new heights

image Front row: Letitia Barker, Haley-Greer, Inc., Shannon MacArthur, MEMCO, Nancy Cagle, Eye Site Surveillance, Inc., Brianna Wright, ASA-Houston Chapter, Ron LaRicci, Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd., Craig Peterson, Peterson Beckner Industries Inc., John Glaz

HOUSTON - The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) hosted its annual conference, SubExcel, in Denver, CO on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Mar. 15-18, with a theme of helping contractors reach their peak performance.

    To top off the events, ASA-Houston Chapter took home a fair share of hardware: Chapter of the Year and Executive Director the Year.
    Brianna Wright was the co-recipient of the Executive Director the Year award, along with Carol Floco of ASA of Arizona.
    Ten members, including Wright, of ASA-Houston attended the event. Those in attendance include board members and members of the Houston chapter.
    The four-day conference included several education sessions, such as “Increasing Your Professional and Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence,” “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Construction Clients,” and “Working Together: Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams.”
    “We were there for three days and had all sorts of education,” Wright said. “We had classes on technology, the future of construction and a political national lobbyist came in and talked came in talked about politics when trying to lobby in legislature.”
    Events included a welcome reception, expo, silent auction, ASA-PAC fundraiser, and awards ceremony banquet in the Rock Room at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. –mh

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