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Spotlight - Laura and Ron Robey, Kingdom Roof and Fence.

image Laura and Ron Robey, Co-Owners of Kingdom Roof and Fence, Richmond, TX

HOUSTON - Laura and Ron Robey are the proud founders and owners of two businesses, Kingdom Roof and Fence, and Kingdom Christmas Lights. They credit their success to the Lord who has blessed them tremendously. The Robeys’ have a passion for helping young men get back on their feet. Their ministry supports these men to grow up to be successful.



Have you always lived in the Houston area?
    I moved down here when I was 10. I lived in Houston most of my life. It is where I met my husband, Ron.  I graduated high school in Sugarland and have stayed in this area ever since I was a kid. I was born in New York and Ron is from Virginia.

Do you and Ron share similar interests?

    We both love sports and music. We both grew up going to church. Ron played football. I played softball, volleyball and soccer.

Do you have any kids?
    We have seven kids, three boys and four girls. The three that are at home with us are the four-year-old, seven-year-old and seventeen-year-old. Our seventeen-year-old son helps out in the business. He is already thinking about his future here with Kingdom Roof and Fence. We discuss it often. However, he is also thinking about becoming a firefighter. We would like for him to attend college. There are many possibilities, so we will see.

What types of jobs did you have growing up?
    Back in the day I worked for an orthodontist as an ortho assistant. I also worked at a coffee house before Starbucks took over. My dad was in the oil and gas field. I worked with him for a while; he taught me a lot. Then lastly, I have been doing administration.
    Ron was in the military, and he has fulfilled his term. In Virginia, he worked for a milk company. He moved to Texas to start the business. Looking back, I never envisioned myself being a co-owner. My initial career goal was to be a doctor.

What do you guys do at Kingdom Roof and Fence?
    Ron has over 10 years’ of experience. We do repair and installation of fences, gates and roofs, as well as insulation replacement. We love to do custom decorative fencing and gates. It is fun to be able to make different designs and create Pinterest style fences! Fencing is a craft, which it may not seem like it, but it is. It is not as simple as sticking a plank in the ground. It is an art.
    We have power sliding gates, but those are more popular outside of Houston. Our customers are so excited about their beautiful gates and fences. It is a rewarding experience seeing the smiles on people’s faces when we are finished. Our services go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.
    Fences are for sure our most requested service. Many people here go with standard fencing, but we are pushing for opportunities to customize. We push for metal posts just like in the Dallas market. We don’t do z-fencing. We do what is called a diamond brace system, which will last longer. We service all of Houston
Spring and Conroe. We have been as far south as Galveston and Wharton.

What is your business atmosphere like?
    Even though I am the admin, I do get out of the office and help out at job sites. When times become super busy, I do help build. Ron is always out in the field. We have six team members who also work for the company. They all come from different backgrounds and bring experience. Our newest addition just graduated from A&M, and he does a little bit of everything. Our general laborers do our general repairs.

What do you guys do at Kingdom Christmas Lights?
    Right now, we are so busy with fences and roofs! Normally we slow down a little bit with roofs and fences in the fall. During holiday months, we switch over and become busy with our professional Christmas lights business. We do install and take down. They are not just store Christmas lights; they are custom made lights to fit your home.
    We go out with spools of wire. We measure to fit perfectly according to the parameters of your home. Owners can customize their color sequence. People purchase the lights and keep them. They are often re-used every year since they are all custom made. We will gladly come back to re-install and add more to their decorations.
    Christmas lights would have to be my favorite type of project. It is fun to be creative and make everything light up and come together so beautifully. It is so fulfilling when we are done and watch the kids come outside and see their house all lit up.

You are busy with two businesses and seven kids. How do you manage time?

    It is hard to find time. I am usually up at five in the morning and in bed by midnight. We have our office in the garage, so working at home happens alI the time. I wish there was more time in a day. We also lead a ministry for helping young men. It is all about finding a balance.
    As we are growing in services, we are slowly growing in company size and skill set. We have team building and company trainings. It keeps us in good morale and at a good beat.

What is your ministry about?
    We are a Christian business. God has blessed us, and it has been an amazing experience. We like to attend different churches. We go to River Pointe and Anchor Bend often. Some people think it is strange how we attend different churches, but we love it. We enjoy experiencing the variety of congregations and like to hear a variety of pastors, too.
    In our ministry, Ron and I help boys grow up to be successful young men, especially those that need to step up and provide for their families. We minister to them and guide them through learning how to work, make a daily wage and take care of their families.
    We seed into other businesses. For example, we helped with marketing for a homecare business in Dallas. We do marketing and assist with logo design for another gentleman who owns a roofing company. Here in town, we are helping someone who sells sporting accessories, like hats.

What types of activities do you all enjoy together?
    We actually have a podcast. We go on many vacations. We attend church wherever we end up visiting, too. My favorite trip so far was at the Cayman Islands. Later this week we will be going to the Bahamas. It will be our first time there. I have a feeling this will be my new favorite trip!
    Kingdom Roof and Fence is a roof, fence and handyman contractor in Richmond, TX. -tnp

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