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Spotlight - Penny Coleman, Daco Paving

image Daco Paving owners, Joseph and Penny Coleman

HOUSTON - Penny and Joseph Coleman are the founders and owners of Daco Paving in Hockley, TX. Married at a young age, Penny has always been her husband’s cheerleader and support system, both during the struggles and the celebrations. The success of Daco Paving is truly a dream come true for the Colemans.




Where are you from?
    I am from a small town in Conroe, TX. My husband, Joseph, is from The Woodlands, TX.

What is your family life like?
    Joe, and I have a cute love story and have been happily married for 25 years. We were actually high school rivals. We met working at Kroger in The Woodlands. I was a cashier, and he was a stocker. We started dating young, married young and then had kids young.      Our kids are 13 months apart. Our daughter currently works with us as an executive assistant completing a little bit of everything in the office. I am teaching her the ins and outs of the workplace. She is young and an easy learner – a quick study like her mom. Our son is in an elite firefighter-training program in the mountains of Colorado living the life. However, I wish I was there to scat all the girls away because he is too handsome!

What were you and your husband’s school and career goals after marriage and kids?
    We did things a little backwards. We got married and had kids before we attended college. In the beginning of our marriage, finances were incredibly rough. We had to be selective and use our resources sparingly when it came to meals, clothing and everyday life necessities. Our inspiration and what drove us to be successful were our kids. During a certain time, we had an arrangement where my husband was able to go to school, and I took care of the kids. So Joe went out to learn, and I stayed home taking care of house fires!
    I didn’t really have a specific career goal; I just wanted to be happy in whatever I would be doing. I have a gypsy soul and tend to follow wherever life takes me. I knew there was a big need in the medical field, so I did go to nursing school and was an operating room nurse for 12 years.
    As a kid, my husband planned on owning a landscaping business because he loved being outside playing in the dirt. It’s funny because even though our company is not exactly landscaping, he still gets to play with dirt working with concrete! What draws him to his job is the opportunity to take a blank canvas and use his hands to create something beautiful. My husband earned a Bachelors degree in engineering with a PE (a Professional Engineering License is similar in ranks to what a doctor earns) and graduated top 3% of his class at the University of Houston in 2003.
    Through hard work and dedication from both of us, we worked our way up to the top to where we are now. We literally came from the bottom and made it out.

How did your business start and how is it now?
    Joe saw that he could do the same thing on his own and was ready to start the company. It was scary at first for both of us, but we went for it. I was even willing to go anywhere in the world that we needed to go to make this business happen. Daco paving started in 2014. After 12 years in nursing, I left to help my husband run the business. Our company is currently soaring high. My husband is climbing that ladder. He has charisma and is a big workaholic. We have been receiving more and more jobs. Our business is doing great. We started off with 12 people, and now there are over 100 Daco team members!

What is your service area?
    We service all of Houston, TX and surrounding cities like Galveston and Rosenberg.

What types of services does your company provide?

    We build roads, bridges, sidewalks and parking lots. We can make something out of nothing by starting from virgin ground.

What are your most requested services?
    Daco Paving builds many roads for neighborhoods. We do lots of public bidding.

How would you describe your crew’s working style?

    With every single service – doesn’t matter how big or small – every project needs to be just right. My husband is so meticulous and [those whom] he works with are too. So, yes, they are picky. Our crew knows what they are doing.

What is the hardest part about your job?
    The hardest part is maintaining and organizing the books. Also, learning all about construction. All I knew was hospital – in the operation room operating on people. Coming out of nursing, I needed more guidance in construction administration. I was looking for a “fast school” alternative as an adult. I sought out a tutor that came in and helped me three times a week. Thank God I am a quick study and able to catch up fast. This amazing person’s name is Leann Johansson. She taught me everything there is to know. If it wasn’t for her, the company would not be here and be the success that it is today. Leann Johansson has her master’s [degree] and for a living tutors and teaches college courses for bookkeeping management. There were even times where she assisted the FBI! She is highly sought after. I still keep in touch with her; we are good friends.
What is the best part about your job?
    The family environment within our company. Early on there was a period of time where the business was cut-and-dry, black-and-white; it lacked warmth. However, I established company policies and procedures, which every business needs. Every business also needs gatherings and trips. We inspired for our team to feel wanted and appreciated, so we give Christmas presents to every single employee at our Christmas party every year. We also give out raffle ticket prizes. Every single person is appreciated from management to entry level. 
    Unlike most companies, we include spouses, too. It is not just taking the employees out for a fancy dinner, the wives deserve to be there being catered to as well. Spouses are treated as Daco family. This is how we have loyal and long-lasting employees. Our team learns, stays and takes that knowledge to grow from within Daco. Our people climb the ranks very easily here. The ultimate goal is a company unity – a family unit.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do to relax away from work?
    Number one to us is traveling together. Our best vacation so far is going to Scotland. We also like to ride horses.
    Daco Paving is a concrete contractor in Hockley, TX.

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