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Spotlight - Johnny Perry, HIS Professional Painting

image Johnny Perry is the owner of HIS Professional Painting.

HOUSTON - Johnny Perry, a man of many talents and grace-filled advice, has an enthusiasm for life and loves to spread his joy to all he meets.






What were you doing before you started HIS Professional Painting?
    I had my own landscaping company in Lufkin for more than 20 years and I also served as a pastor in my church.

What brought you to Conroe?
    God called me here to start a church, which is why I didn’t continue landscaping. We sacrificed and gave up everything to move here. I left my home, my business; I put all my savings into the church. I gave everything up.

What happened with this church?

    Well, I saw a sign on the side of the road when we were coming down here from Lufkin. It was a real estate sign for an old dilapidated church. I called the number and asked about the building. I didn’t really know what to say, I just knew that God was telling me to do something about this. I asked if I could put a hold on the building for a couple of months and the lady told me no because they had already gotten too many calls about it. I told her to remember my name and that I was going to pray that she didn’t get another phone call until I called her back. She laughed and didn’t believe me. After I sold my house, I came to Houston and I called her and she remembered me. She said she never got another phone call after she talked to me, so I secured the building. Then, two or three days later, a hurricane hit - it was either Ike or Katrina. We couldn’t get the power on for two months. My nephew in Dallas called out of the blue and said he wanted to come help because he had lots of supplies. After he got there, we just started working and got everything done in two days.

Are you married?
    My wife, Sherry, and I have been married for 30 years. I was actually engaged to another girl and I gave up a scholarship for football to follow her to the college of her choice, and she ended up cheating on me. I left her house that night and met my wife at a convenience store in Diboll, TX where I’m from, and we’ve been together ever since.

Do you have any children?
    I have one daughter, Maci, she’s 28 and she’s beautiful.

Does your daughter work with you?

    She’s my secretary. She’s a millennial so she’s the one who set up my webpage. It’s really been a blessing to have Maci. She’s been married to her husband Marquist for five years and my wife and I can’t wait to have grandkids.

What about your son-in-law, does he help out with your company?
    No, he has his own cleaning company. He wanted a career that had a flexible schedule because we travel a lot with missions. 

What happened when you first got here?
    I did a little bit of landscaping just for supplemental income, but then I stopped because I knew that wasn’t why I came. So I stopped and we sacrificed and lived off of what I had made. We started growing the church and got up to about 100 people, and we were doing fairly well. We started doing random acts of kindness in the church and we started doing it more frequently because there’s a lot more people who are in need in the church that won’t say anything. People put on a façade that everything is perfect and good, but really it’s not. If we could just learn to be honest with one another and bear our heart and tell the truth, but we are only human. I felt God tell me that we need to do more for people and He gave me the acronym O.T.H.E.R.S so that I could do more for people in need.

What does this acronym mean?

    Often The Hurting Everyone Rarely Sees. These are the people we walk by every day and we assume everything is okay. I said, “Okay God, we’ll start doing more and focusing more on this.” We began doing more in the community and started an organization called OTHERS Outreach Missions.

How quickly were you able to get this organization started?
    A lot of people told me that it would take me a long time to get a 501c3 and that it would be a lot of work. I got it in two weeks. God worked it all out.

How else have you been able to help in the community?

    After Hurricane Harvey, there were so many people who were going without that were falling through the cracks. I’m a Red Cross Chaplain and I know that once people leave the facility, they can’t get any more help from them. I told my wife we should put out an ad asking people to call our charity or us if they needed help. You’d be surprised how many people reached out to us for help. We were able to take groceries to people who may have been 30 or 40 miles away. My suburban was loaded with food, blankets, pillows, and clothes. There was a family in Tomball who we went to see. When I drove up, the man was out on his tractor pushing all of his belongings out on to the curb. He was giving me a mean look, but I sensed what he was feeling. I told him his wife contacted us and I was there to help. I told him to get down off that tractor and give me a hug. He just broke down and started crying.

God plays a big role in your life. What else has He helped you with?
    My son-in-law, who is a minister, received the opportunity to preach at a church in Lufkin. The man who asked him to come preach, was an acquaintance of mine. He said if I ever I had a desire to do anything for a charity or something like that, he had someone who could help me. I was taken aback and just thought, “How did he know?” He gave me the number and information for this person.

What did you do from there?
    We went back home and my daughter, who helps in the church, called and asked to set up a meeting. When the gentleman asked what my name was, he recognized it and my daughter as well. It was Jim Meyer, who was a minister at one of the churches we took care of for 20 years.

When you said you had always been painting, what type of painting did you do?

    My wife and I are artistic and we like to create different things. We’ve painted the walls in our house different colors and have tried using different textures. If I see something, I can usually figure out how to copy it. Painting is relaxing to me and I don’t see it as work.

How did you get into the painting business?

    20 years ago, my wife had asked me why I didn’t paint and it was because I didn’t want to at that time, but then I got an opportunity to bless a church. The pastor was out of town and the Lord had sent me there to help them. I told God that while I was there, I wanted to have a place to go to church and give back and help. As a gift, I told them I would paint their church. It was a big project because it was huge church. It just started from there. People started calling and telling me I needed to start my own company.

How did your company get started?
    It started in 2016, but I’ve been painting for at least 20 years. We’ve done some pretty big projects since then. We just finished a billboard, and we’ve painted hospitals, we do industrial-type work, water parks, a resort, and just a little bit of everything.

So there’s nothing you can’t paint?
    I just want to help people and I try to be fair to them. Painting is how I make a living, but people are my passion. If I end up painting your house, you’re going to be my friend before it’s over with.

What other ways has God helped you or others you know?
    I can’t tell you have many homes I’ve prayed over and anointed. People have been sick and I have, out the blue, asked if I could pray for them. They would tell me later on that they were feeling better or had been healed.

What church are you a part of now?
    I don’t have a church building anymore, but I’m still doing my work and still pastoring. I have people ask me for advice and my opinions all the time.

What’s the most memorable project you’ve had?
    There was a church in an area of town that might be considered bad and the pastor reached out to me and asked if I would come out and give him an estimate because he couldn’t get anybody in the area to come out, and if they did come, it was too expensive. We went down and gave them such a low price that he couldn’t believe it. We just wanted to help him. My wife, my daughter, and I stayed in a hotel room for a week and painted the church.

What’s something that you always keep in mind?

    I can’t complain. I might not have everything I want, but I’ve got my health and strength, and my family is in tact. -te

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