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Spotlight - Stanley Marinos, Owner, The Power House Electric Company


HOUSTON - Stanley Marinos learned how to work hard from both of his parents and that has helped his company, The Power House Electric Company, succeed through the years.





Where did you grow up?
    I was born and raised in Galveston, TX.

Where did you go to high school and college?

    I graduated from Ball High School and attended Galveston College.

What did you do after you graduated?

    I’m a workaholic so I started spending even more time working.

Tell me about your parents.

    My family is large, but close-knit. My parents have owned and operated various businesses in Galveston and Houston throughout the years. My mother’s family was in the restaurant business on the Seawall and I started working there when I was young. I learned my business ethics from watching my parents.

What was your introduction to the construction industry?

    My father was an engineer in the US Army Corps of  Engineers in Galveston. He showed me how to solve problems from the bottom up while researching for solutions on my own. Upon retirement, my father began building houses in Santa Fe and I started working for him and learned a lot.

What was your experience before The Power House Electric Company?
    My first job I ever had was working at Seaview, which was a restaurant owned by my mother’s family. From there, I started working in construction and moving through the different fields. I’ve always been inquisitive with a drive to learn more.

What was it like working for your parents?

    They taught me how to work hard and how to be responsible, even at a young age.

How long did you work for them?

    Throughout high school. I started working in construction with my father in the late ‘70s and just continued and progressed from there. At the end of 1983, I was working for Houston Light and Power, but I moved on after Hurricane Alicia. This is when I really had a chance to work in the construction field with so many open projects being created by the devastation the hurricane left behind.  

What were the challenges of starting your own business?

    I was lucky enough to start in the electrical field with two good friends. We worked together to build the company, so we didn’t run into anything too challenging.

Are you married and do you have any children?

    I am married and I have two children – a daughter and a son.

Are they involved with the business or industry?

    No, they aren’t. My son graduated from Texas A&M and is a marine systems engineer and my daughter also graduated from Texas A&M with a degree to work in recreation parks and science.

What has been the biggest change in the industry since you started the company?

    This industry is ever changing; that’s what I love about doing electrical work. Technology is always being updated to make the world run more simply. It amazes me and gives a wow factor. One new piece of technology that is becoming popular are LED bulbs and light fixtures, and that really awes me.

What has been the highlight of your professional career?

    Self-achievement. This company was started from the hard work and hard-earned knowledge of my friends and myself. We have been able to see and achieve a lot – strip centers, restaurants, office buildings, and fixing the electrical problems of others.

Do you have any plans to expand the business?

    We are currently undergoing renovations on an office building and are hoping to have it tenant-ready by the beginning of this month. 

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

    I spend a lot of time building my relationships with my church community.  My big project at this time is the Galveston Island Greek Festival. - te

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