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The ABC’s of CBS

image The CBS Rental and Supply Houston branch employees

HOUSTON – Jimmy Lanphier co-founded CBS Rental and Supply on Jul. 20, 1965 in Corpus Christi. His grandson is Jason Herin, president and CEO.

     CBS Rental and Supply originally started as a construction supply company, selling construction materials to the Corpus Christi construction market.
    It wasn’t until Herin’s father, Buddy, purchased CBS Rental and Supply in 1979 that the company formed the equipment rental segment of the business.
    “My father was very successful running CBS Rental and Supply,” Herin said.
    Buddy opened the San Antonio location in 1986, Houston in 1999, purchased Dubose Equipment and Rental Company in 2005, which gained access to the Tyler and Longview markets and opened locations in Deer Park and Conroe.
     “In 2013, I entered the business due to my father’s battle with renal cell carcinoma, a cancer disease,” Herin said. “My father passed away in Nov. 2013 and I purchased CBS Rental and Supply to become the sole owner in Jan. 2015.
      “My attitude toward the company is very apparent, be the best every day and never settle for less than legendary.”
     Progress is definitely a buzz word around the Houston office. The company plans to open two new locations in the Austin and Dallas markets by the first day of 2016.
    “This will give us nine branch locations all around the state of Texas,” Herin said.
      Herin says the keys to the company’s success are its will to win, hiring outstanding employees and working hard to provide the best customer service.
     All of the branches are currently working on a volunteer initiative in their local communities for the holiday season.
    “We want to make sure that we give back to the communities we serve and believe that the holiday season will be a great time to make an impact,” Herin said.
     Outside of work, employees enjoy their free time with their families, photography, golf and other various leisure activities.
    “Since we are a Texas based company, it is safe to say that most of us enjoy watching football and now that the season has started it has certainly been a topic of conversation,” he said. “We even had an employee kick-off lunch party where we all wore our favorite team’s shirt or jersey and enjoyed a nice potluck.”
      CBS Rental and Supply primarily works in equipment rentals and construction supply sales.  –ab

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