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A will, a way and a wife

image Will Helton, owner of Will’s Handyman Services

HOUSTON - Will Helton comes from a construction family. They all pooled their talents and built their own house together.





    Helton made his living as a handyman, able to do most anything and everything. But it wasn’t until he got with future wife Johnette that Helton became officialized as a DBA.
    Will’s Handyman Services started in 2008 as a registered business. Johnette has a banking background, and, with her impetus, got things started.
    “At the time I worked in the banking industry and I left that to help him grow his business,” she said.
    Not only did Helton get a business, he got a wife too, as the pair married in 2014.
    “In the beginning, we worked together,” Johnette said. “It was just me and him.”
    Now, Helton has three other guys with him and able to divide into two crews.
    But in those early days, Johnette not only helped field the calls and do logistics, she helped her husband paint and sand drywall. “It was both,” she said. She would go out to the truck to answer the phone, return calls and take care of business.
    Of all the things Helton does, Johnette said he’s “really good at drywall.” What he wasn’t good at initially, he’s gotten better at. “Trial and error, to be sure,” Johnette said.
    “With this industry, there’s a lot of fraud,” she added. “We want people to know that we’re honest and we are going to make it right. We want them to trust we’ll take care of them and do the job.”
    “If our customers aren’t happy,” she added, “we fix it. We go back and fix it until they’re happy.”
    The Heltons like to stay north of Houston, but, “we’ve gone all over,” she said.
    With no kids between them, the plan is to retire some day and travel around the country in an RV. Until then, the Heltons will make things right and do the job. All it takes is a good handyman and a capable wife to find a way.
    Will’s Handyman Services is in Humble. -dsz

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