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Pro Modular cheers 20 yrs

image Pro Modular Ltd.’s Jerry Woodward (front row, center) and his team celebrate 20 years in Houston.

HOUSTON - As a native Texan, mowing yards, bailing hay, working at a cotton gin, selling magazines at school and through Boy Scouts in west Houston – hard work was always the name of the game for Jerry Woodward during his childhood.






    “I liked being able to buy my own toys growing up,” Woodward explained. “I bought and hopped up a car with my own money to get me through high school and college. I like the independence and learned, there’s nothing wrong with a good work ethic.”
    Woodward’s work ethic is the reason he established Houston-based hardscape company Pro Modular Ltd. After moving on from two  business ventures in the 1980’s and then selling retaining walls and other engineered systems for Pavestone, Woodward was ready to try entrepreneurship again in the Late 90’s at age 46. First, though, he needed his wife Kathy’s blessing.
    “I said to her, ‘We’re never going to quit working if we don’t go for it now,’ and she said, ‘Okay, but no partners and no debt.’ So, I left Pavestone in August of 1999 and started this company. We haven’t had partners but we’ve had plenty of debt!” Woodward says with a chuckle.
    The third time turned out to be the charm. Woodward, who had been involved in Houston construction since the mid-1970s after graduating from Texas A&M with a BS in Civil Engineering, started strong. While the company felt the strain of the 2008 recession, Pro Modular persevered  and continued to grow. ”In two decades, Pro Modular has become the most respected installer of commercial and residential pavers and modular retaining walls in greater Houston and southeast Texas.
    “We basically have two lines of business. One is installing  Pavers – concrete, clay, natural stone, permeable paving, grass paving, etc.  Some of our more visible paver projects over the years include Minute Maid Park, Moody Gardens, The Strand, LaBergere Casino, The Houston Zoo, City Centre and The Pleasure Pier.  Two, we build Segmental Retaining Walls of different types. For the retaining walls, we are regional specialists, with no failures period.  
    “As a degreed civil engineer, I understand soil mechanics better than any of our competitors. We own all of our equipment and an 18-wheeler to better control our material deliveries. Our Projects include Apartments, townhomes, custom homes, large commercial buildings, universities, big civil projects and HOA’s. We are big enough to handle any project but small enough to be selective for whom we work.  We have good clients and a really good reputation.”
    As the level of safety certification and training evolved significantly over the last 20 years, so has Pro Modular. “We’ve reached the highest level of safety training and insurance coverage and are playing at a much different level than when we started,” Woodward adds. “We enjoy a good market, do a great job and  work whenever we can. Our motto is, ‘If the sun is shining and our clients need us, let’s get to work.’”
    This year, as Pro Modular celebrates its 20th anniversary, Woodward plans to have a celebration event for his employees & vendors – many of whom have been with him from the beginning.  His team includes Kathy and his brothers, Project Manager David Woodward and Field Supervisor Danny Woodward, along with Field Supervisor Manuel Rodriguez who has been with him since 2001. Rounding out the team is Office Manager Linda Hart, and Accounts Payable Trish Laha.
    “There’s no question, we have the best installers in this part of Texas,” Woodward says. “Most of them have been with me 19½ of my 20 years.  We’ve been together so long, it feels more like family.”
    Now, 20 years later, Woodward is 66 and working on playing more golf, seeing the grandkids more often and going to more Aggie football games. With Houston having such a bright outlook, he looks forward, to passing the company on to the next entrepreneurial spirit at some point.
    In the meantime, if you or your clients need Pavers or Segmental Retaining Walls, please reach out... at Pro Modular Ltd, we’re only a Call or a Click away.
    Pro Modular Ltd. installs hardscape products for contractors, builders, developers and property owners in the greater Houston area, throughout Texas and has done work in 17 other states. –mjm

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