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Marvin - lous metal

image Marvin Rios, owner of MVM Metal Roofing, with daughter Viviana, who is the ā€œVā€ initial.

HOUSTON - Marvin Rios is really into metal roofs. ā€œI love my job. I really love my job,ā€ he stated. As owner of MVM Metal Roofing, he is also unapologetic when it comes to the virtues of metal roofs.






    Rios started working as a roofer 18 years ago. “I started in Sarasota, FL,” he said, “with a big company there.”
    He moved to Houston in 2008 after Hurricane Ike hit, doing all manner of repair work. He started MVM in 2012.
    “MVM” stands for his first initial, plus his two daughters: Viviana (age 9) and Marilyn (age 18).
    Rios said he does about 10 percent commercial and the rest residential metal roofs. For the residential, he does new roofs (like custom homes), re-roofs and also repairs. “I fix a lot of roofs,” he said, that were not done well the first time.
    Rios said that if two houses were side-by-side, one done with shingles and one with metal at the same time, the metal roof would be superior for a couple of reasons. One, if installed properly, there is less chance of leakage. Two, metal roofs won’t fade in color like shingles do. Three, the metal roof can withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour (a factor in the Houston area), and four, metal roofs don’t absorb the heat like shingle roofs do, thus keeping the attic and house cooler. He uses a certain type of tar paper underneath the metal panels that are good for insulation.
    Lastly, Rios said the metal roof simply lasts longer. 
    Rios said that HOAs are coming along when a homeowner wants to re-roof with metal instead of the original shingle.
    At the present, Rios has 10 men who work for him. Rios measures and cuts the metal panels on the jobsite for all the gables, windows, angles and surfaces.
    Rios said MVM Metal Roofing is a faith-based company. “First of all, we believe in God,” he said.
    “I do just metal,” he said. “I don’t do shingles. I don’t do other types. I just do metal roofing.”
    Sounds like a pretty marvin - lous arrangement.
    MVM Metal Roofing is a roofing contractor in Pearland. -dsz

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