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Supplying solutions

image Crawford Electric Supply is Texas’ largest electrical distributor and can take on customers’ large problems.

HOUSTON - Crawford Electric Supply, a subsidiary of Sonepar USA, is Texas’ largest electrical distributor. With 26 locations between Texas and Louisiana and more than 650 employees, the company is used to conducting business on a large scale.





    Sometimes though, customers have equally large problems to solve. That’s why TJ Horny joined the company’s two-year-old Services and Solutions Division last October. Crawford had one goal for the group: find a better way to learn about and solve customer problems.
    “I worked on national accounts for Sonepar prior to joining Crawford. In doing so, I recognized the similarities from our national customers that touched all 50 states,” he says. “There are common problems, such as labor availability, turnaround time on a job site and space allocation, all of which are equally common for Crawford’s customer base. Many of our customers are looking for resources to help them combat these challenges and mitigate some of that burden. Our Solutions group primarily wats to tackle these issues for our customers with a qualified, highly technical group of specialists – such as prefabrication, switchgear, digital, fixture and controls specialists – who are subject matter experts in their fields and can help customers with their problems.”
    Crawford’s Solutions group is comprised of 22 highly-specialized peers who believe solutions begin with simple conversations.
    “Of the multitude of things that we offer our customers, we are really focused on the conversation and the questions that we ask and building upon those discussions: ‘What are your pain points?’ ‘What keeps you up at night?’ We want to identify our customers’ wants and needs, and collectively build upon that together to identify a solution, service or product that will help mitigate stress on their job site or within their day-to-day business operation.”
    Crawford Electric Supply is headquar-tered in Houston. –mjm

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