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Eyes on the ground

image Tom Freeman, owner of APEX Commercial Industrial Flooring

HOUSTON - Even as he looks down, Tom Freeman looks ahead. Much of what Houston parks on and walks on is what Freeman has focused on for the past 12 years.







    Freeman’s first ground-related company was a striping business. That changed when a customer asked him to do a concrete staining project. 
    “Someone asked if I could stain their concrete, so I took a few classes. I learned how to do it and practiced with friends and family,” Freeman says. “I ended up doing it so much that I started it with myself and one other guy. Now, we have four to five full-time employees and cover the entire city of Houston.”
    Freeman abandoned striping and established APEX Commercial Industrial Flooring. The company offers commercial, industrial and retail concrete finishing, focusing on urethane cement slurry floors, heavy duty epoxy wall systems, waterproofing and moisture suppression systems, parking deck flooring systems, paver sealer and static dissipative and conductive systems (ESD floors). Offering a range of services means Freeman and his team are in class as much as they are on site.
     “There seems to always be new products coming out every year, so we take continuing education classes to stay updated on new products and application procedures,” he says.
    Freeman, who also owns a second company, Houston Concrete Staining, says revitalizing floors is his favorite part.
    “I enjoy the transformations, seeing it go from night to day compared to what it used to look like,” he says.
    When his eyes aren’t cast down looking at his work, they are looking forward to great things ahead.
    “Every year, we’ve grown by at least 10-15% so I would like to keep on growing, maybe get a couple of new trucks and start hiring more crews,” he says. “Right now, we cover the Houston metro area, from Galveston, Beaumont, College Station and everywhere in between but eventually I would like to cover the state of Texas.”
    Subcontractor APEX Commercial Industrial Flooring is in Houston. –mjm

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