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The smart way

image Smart Air Cooling and Heating owner, Jay Jahantash

HOUSTON - Jay Jahantash went to school to study information technology. However, it was not quite right for him. There was still that interest in electronics, so Jahantash tried a different route. HVAC trade school turned out to be the best fit in every way. He flourished and graduated the top of his class.




    Jahantash came to the U.S. at 19 years of age from Rome. He was eager to experience the opportunities that this country had to offer. During the time he was going to school to earn his HVAC license, Jahantash was working for HVAC companies. Once he earned years of experience and his license, Jahantash knew it was time to open his own HVAC company.
    Smart Air Cooling and Heating began chilling and warming the people of Houston, TX in 2011. Jahantash recognizes the great need for his services in the city. The company has consistently stayed busy by focusing on the west side of Houston. Jahantash started the company on his own and gradually hired experienced,
certified staff as the workload expanded.
    The Smart Air crew is experienced in all brands, makes and models of HVAC equipment and is up to date with the latest technology. Having intact ductwork produces a better performing HVAC system, which means the company is prepared to take on any type of duct condition. Furnace services, as well as cooling and heating maintenance, repair and installation, are available.
    Indoor climate is important to everyone of all ages and all places. Jahantash wants to help people feel their best, “It is important to keep people comfortable everyday throughout the year.” Types of projects that stand out to Jahantash are the ones where he fixes what other companies are not able to do. According to Jahantash, those other companies quoted an overpriced rate, incorrect installation or denied the service completely. Being able to provide a solution for a great price is what the job is all about for Jahantash.
    Smart Air Cooling and Heating is an HVAC contractor in Houston. –tnp

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