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American/Texan made

image The Marmol family (L-R): Jesus, Marcelo and Eusebio, of American Wood Concepts

HOUSTON - Marcelo Marmol admits he and his father picked a less-than ideal time to move from southern California to Texas to open American Wood Concepts. It was Nov. 2008 during the infamous bust, which was “the whole collapse of the housing market and the economy in this country,” Marmol said, “which is directly related to remodeling.”



    Thus, “2009 was a flat-out horrible year.” Marmol’s father, Eusebio, had had a wood and carpentry business back in Orange County, CA, but with family in Texas, and the lure of a more laid-back culture, they made the move.
    Marmol says of his father: “My dad is the finest craftsman that I’ve ever met, that I’ve ever seen.” Eusebio is 78 now and has been working with wood since he was 15, back in his native Uruguay.
    Marmol worked hard in those early days to get the word out on what they did and making connections to get the business off and running, saying, “One thing that we have no problem selling is what we do is far superior to what you’re going to find in general.”
    95 percent of American Wood Concepts’ business is repeat customers and referrals. “Our bread and butter is your middle class, regular family,” Marmol said, with a good dose of high-end work. In fact, one customer has moved four times in nine years and has had American Wood Concepts upgrade his home each move.
    “What we do is quality and long-lasting,” Marmol said. “What to me is most important to give to the customer is not something trendy, but classic elegance that’s timeless.”
    Eusebio has slowed down a bit, but he and Marmol has personally trained their nine full-time employees to do their custom cabinets their way.
    After a rough start, “Now, we are enjoying the fruits of our reputation,” Marmol said. The family loves being out of the rat-race of southern California. “The main reason why we’re here is because we love the life style,” he said.
    Not only is their woodwork made in America, it’s made in Texas.
    American Wood Concepts is based in The Woodlands. -dsz

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