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Welding’s lit!

image CJ and Benesha Jones, of CJ Welding & Fabrication

HOUSTON - Maybe his response is different when a firefighter poses the question to him, but when asked what he loves about welding, Chris Jones doesn’t hesitate.






    “We’re lighting stuff on fire! I mean, come on!” Chris, President of CJ Welding & Fabrication Inc., says enthusiastically.
    The fire in his belly for the welding trade ignited when he worked at a billboard company. He welded for nearly six years before studying welding fundamentals at Lincoln College of Technology. Chris then worked a few years in the oil and gas field before he and his wife Benesha started CJ Welding & Fabrication Inc. in their garage in 2015.
    “I’m just the type of person who is more of an overachiever,” Chris says of launching a welding business. “I’m very ambitious and I like to push. If I’m going to push and work 100 hours a week, I’d rather put it in my pocket versus someone else.”
    After the birth of the Jones’ first child, Benesha sensibly helped out in the office rather than work elsewhere and pay for daycare. Chris is grateful to Benesha, as well as his welder and welder/helper; because of them, he has time to bid jobs. He’s also thankful that he has a yard full of equipment, a CNC plasma-cutting machine and an on-site welding room, all of which are used for a variety of projects. He says he enjoys welding anything that “brings in a check” but admits he prefers the cleanliness of aluminum and stainless projects.
    “We do a lot of different things,” Chris says. “Right now, we’re building stainless oil reservoirs for John Deere. In November, we did benches for a bar in Sugarland that came out amazing. We specialize in high-end welding, so we can weld almost anything. ”
    It seems the fire has spread. Chris’ youngest child, his 16-month old daughter, recently visited his shop (when no welding was taking place, of course), As she “helped” Chris turn wrenches, thought he saw a spark in her eye.
    Subcontractor CJ Welding & Fabrication Inc. is located in Spring. –mjm

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