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An HVAC life

image Randy Vance, owner of Vance Air Conditioning & Heating

HOUSTON - Randy Vance’s father’s career in HVAC goes back to the 1950s in Tennessee. Vance remembers coal-burning stoves and learning the trade from dad.






    Vance said, “I really got serious about it when I first got out of the military [in 1977].”
    The economy was better in Texas, so Vance moved to Houston in 1981, and worked with larger HVAC contractors in just about every capacity (sales, territory manager, etc.), with all the major carriers.
    Putting all these experiences together led Vance to begin his own company, Vance Air Conditioning & Heating, in July 1997.
    “It’s basically all I know,” Vance said. He’s passing all this heritage on to his two sons who assist him, and hopes his grandson will be the fourth generation in the trade.
    Vance says of his early days as a business owner, “It was a learning experience, to put it lightly.” He did everything, from the selling to the installing. “I started out as me, myself and I,” he said. “When I started out, I did everything I tell my guys not to do.”
    Even with his knowledge of the trade, Vance is still learning and growing, especially in an ever-changing field. “We are now at the point where we got it half way on the right track,” he said. This attitude keeps Vance from getting complacent. “We look at it like we ain’t made it yet.”
    Vance is keenly aware of some of the less reputable or fly-by-night contractors. He makes an extra effort to give the customer the most bang for his buck. He says some of the new guys coming into the business don’t know how to run one.
    He does 10 percent light commercial, and 50-50 new residential installs to service. Vance can service or sell any brand.
    The old Army vet from Tennessee has seen plenty of changes in HVAC, but is still willing to learn, adapt, improvise and overcome.
    Vance Air Conditioning & Heating is an HVAC contractor in Rosenberg. -dsz

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