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O, solo metal!

image James LeValley, owner of Houston Metal Roofing Solutions, with two of his grandkids and future roofing employees

HOUSTON - Some businesses declare on their TV commercials that they do only one thing but do it very well.








    Such is the case with James LeValley, owner of Houston Metal Roofing Services. He got into metal roofing since the beginning and has done nothing but that type since. “I started at 19 in metal. That’s all I’ve ever done,” he said.
    LeValley needed to make some quick money toward the end of high school and got hired on by a metal roofing company. He was “the guy who drags composition shingles off the roof and loads them in the trailer.”
    Soon, however, LeValley got proficient. It wasn’t too much longer after he started that he was leading crews. As the neighbors saw his work, they would ask him about metal roofs. “The next thing I knew,” he remembered, “I was selling metal roofs, selling and installing.”
    After about 20 years of essentially running this other company, LeValley decided to stop making money for someone else and hebranched out on his own in 2015. Even though he was nervous at first,LeValley said it was the various manufacturers of his roofing materials that gave him the confidence he needed to fly solo.
    Today, Houston Metal Roofing runs non-stop. “For some reason, I find myself east and west a lot,” he said. “I go all over,” from Corpus Christi to Baton Rouge.
    Being in hurricane alley, LeValley swears by metal roofs, saying they are “practically indestructible,” even in 140- mile per hour winds. “If they’re put on right,” he said, “they’re not going anywhere.”
    After experiencing a nasty fall in 2016, LeValley spends most of his time working on drawings and designs. He loves showing homeowners what their house could look like. “I’m very good at it,” he said.
    LeValley doesn’t mind going to an HOA and making his case for allowing a client to have a metal roof. “As soon as they realize what the product is, they say okay.”  
    Houston Metal Roofing Services is a roofing contractor in Houston. -dsz

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