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Family ties


HOUSTON - Not only does Roger Harris work with a lot of his family, he treats his clients like family as well.






    Harris founded Harris Construction in 1989, along with his wife, Jan. Despite offering a robust lineup of construction services, and being licensed in several states, Harris modestly says that “We’re a small family business. My kids work in the business. Katie works with estimating and pulls permits. Reba does administration and answers the phone.”
    In other words, the personal touch is critical to Harris’ company. “We’re a relationship contractor,” he said. Despite the fact that it’s possible for construction to be cut-and-dry, bottom-line, Harris prefers to get jobs because his clients know and trust him.
    “We do renovations mostly,” Harris said. He does a lot of fast-food places and even kidney dialysis clinics.
    Harris rebuilt two clinics after Hurricane Harvey. This niche started small, but with the relationship Harris has forged, he’s now their go-to guy.
    And with something as important as dialysis, Harris is aware that’s it literally life and death. He has to get in and get out for the doors to open up on time.
    With eating establishments, he’s aware that these places employ people and will do what he has to ensure the remodeling is done on time so people can go back to work.
    When bad weather is approaching Houston, “My regular clients reach out to me to make sure we’re going to be there to help them.”
    “We’re constantly looking for new clients,” Harris said. If he hires new workers, he only wants those who share his passion for maintaining positive relationships.
    “My hobby is my family,” Harris said. “The business will stay a family business. We plan on working at it.”
    From working together to vacationing together, the Harris clan has the ties that bind. “We like it [that way],” Harris said.
    Harris Construction is a family-owned business that specializes in renovation work, in Houston. -dsz

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