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To infinite and beyond

image One of Charles Teer’s outdoor living spaces by the pool

HOUSTON - Charles Teer’s entire life in construction has come into play as owner of Infinite Construction. In other words, there’s no end to what he’s done and what he does.






    “I did a little bit of everything,” Teer said. “I dabbled in so much when I was younger - doing tile and roofing and framing and interior cabinets, windows and doors and siding - I did so much through the years between 16 and 25, all these things are things that I do now.”
    Teer got his first taste of construction at 13, helping a guy in his neighborhood remodel. He worked for another company for years. During this time, Teer was observing how this man ran the company and all the processes that came with doing construction projects.
    But when it actually came to going solo, Teer states that “I didn’t even purposely get into the business that I’m in; I just kind of fell into it.”
    It was during a slow time in the winter months, and after Hurricane Ike in 2008 that Teer left the nest. He had his DBA as Infinite Construction while a sub contractor.
    “I didn’t have a business plan,” he said of those early days. But, Teer took all that he had learned in construction to build patio roof extensions, gazebos, outdoor kitchens - you name it.
    One hard lesson Teer learned was when to say no and be spread out too thin. Now, he knows what his limit is.
    Work is steady for Infinite Construction. Teer said his wife has had to force him to take any time off, such as actual vacations the past two years.
    Teer loves to be turned loose by a customer who doesn’t know what he wants. “At first I was horrible with designs,” he said. “I was the kind of guy who came in and said, ‘What do you want?’” Now, Teer prefers when they say to him, “What would you do?” “Those are the projects that I Iike more,” he said. While some people know what they want, down to the paint color, some folks have no idea what they want. This is when the endless options can begin.
    “There are no cookie-cutter options with us,” he said. “We’re always customizing.”
    Teer started out doing medium-income/level homes, but he’s morphed into more high-end homes.
    Outdoor living spaces are huge now. Teer does a lot of outdoor kitchens, more than he ever used to. He says, “The combination of stone and wood is beautiful.”
    Another hot item on his to-do list is the outdoor bathroom, or shower area. “Those are becoming very big,” Teer said. Folks with active kids (and their friends) get the chance to clean up outside before bringing the results of their play time inside.
    Teer does a lot of patio covers and house extensions. He said roof shingles fade within six months, but once they are faded, they won’t anymore. Eventually the roof extension will match the existing roof.
    Teer prefers to be the manager of the Infinite Construction vs. a worker in it, although he will strap on the old tool belt if he has to.
    “The best place for me to be is not working” [on the jobsite], he said. “It’s more on the office side of it.”
    His motto is: “It’s better to design around a budget, rather than to budget around a design.”
    “I’m not really a salesman,” he said. “I’m a carpenter through and through. I know how things are supposed to go, and not supposed to go.” Thus, Teer isn’t trying to sell a product he doesn’t know how to build. In other words, when Teer dialogs with a customer, that person is assured that someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about is scamming him. 
    With an infinite amount of skills and an infinite imagination to create most anything, Teer is ready to take his customers to Infinite and beyond.
    Infinite Construction operates out of Houston. -dsz

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