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Honest as a Texas handshake

image At the Dura Pier Foundation Repair office in Houston is L-R: Clemente Cardoza (production manager), Rebecca Snow (office manager) and Carter Davis (owner) standing in front of their 14 BBB Awards of Excellence.

HOUSTON - When owner/operator Carter Davis got out of the navy in 1977, he initially had plans to continue his electronics training. The plans changed when he met his wife Trina. Her father owned a foundation repair company and invited Davis to come work for him to see if he liked it.






    About eight years later, Davis’s father-in-law renamed the company to Dura Pier Foundation Repair and turned over the reins to his son and Davis. Some 20 years later, Davis’s brother-in-law retired leaving Davis and Trina to run the company.
    One of his father-in-law’s favorite sayings that stuck with Davis is, “We’re as honest as a Texas handshake.” By keeping time-honored values and treating each customer as a neighbor, Dura Pier has become one of the most trusted names in Houston foundation repair. Dura Pier offers residential and commercial foundation repair for concrete slabs and pier & beam foundations. They install bell-bottom piers and hydraulically driven pilings to raise and level single family and multi-family homes. They install root barriers, French drains, and moisture maintenance systems.
    “We repair a lot of condos and townhomes for a variety of property management associations, but nothing over 3 stories tall,” said Davis. “We offer a simple one-page Lifetime Transferable Warranty that doesn’t have any fine print.”
    Dura Pier has about 25 full-time employees including Davis’s 20-year-old granddaughter who may take over for him one day. But for now, Davis has no plans of slowing down. He is adding another crew early this year and hiring another estimator.
    Davis shared that he has always had heart for community service, such as being involved in a high school rodeo association. He also teaches realtors and property managers about foundation repair through lunch and learn opportunities.
    Dura Pier Foundation Repair is a foundation repair contractor in Houston Texas. –lv

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