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Following fate

image President/Owner Scott Robinson of Scott Drilling Incorporated

AUSTIN - When Scott Robinson is asked how his career unfolded, the president/owner of Scott Drilling Incorpo-rated replied with, “Do you believe in fate?”







    You see, Robinson’s father and uncle had once worked for a water well company after World War II.
   “It was in the late ’40s that they came to Houston after growing up in Louisiana. They went to work for a water well company in the Aldine area,” explained Robinson.
    The people who hired Robinson’s
father and uncle had kind of just thrown them into the mix of things, which was the old-fashioned way of doing things back then.
    “I think they worked there for three to six months, decided to go on their own and went separate ways,” said Robinson.
    One day, Robinson’s father was driving around the Lindale area and saw a help wanted sign for a ceramic tile setter helper. He applied and got the job.
    “My dad ended up marrying the boss’s daughter, so that’s where I came from,” joked Robinson. Then in 1968 when Robinson’s mother passed away, Robinson’s father stopped working in tile.
    “They worked together, so he didn’t want to do that anymore,” explained Robinson. 
    In the early ’70s, Robinson and his brother were drafted into the Army. Meanwhile, Robinson’s father was traveling to his brother’s place in Magnolia to help with an old rig he bought to “start peddling around with water wells.” As one thing led to another, fate did too. When Robinson came home, he saw his father had bought a water well drilling rig for $600.
    “I worked with my family for minimum wage while I was in the Army,” said Robinson.
    Six years later, Robinson’s father passed away in ’78.
    “My brothers and I became partners and we worked together [at Robinson Water Well] until ’95,” he said. Before parting, Robinson had sold some jobs to Ozarka Spring Water.
    “I had sold some of those jobs and put in two of them for Ozarka. That kind of gave me confidence to go on my own,” he said.
    He was with Robinson Water Well for 23 years. Then fate knocked on Robinson’s door again in October of ’95 when he started Scott Drilling Incorporated. They drilled 95 wells that first year. In 2000, Robinson secured good help, which allowed him to get off the drilling rig and into the office side of production. 
    Today, the company is celebrating 23 years of business as Scott Drilling Inc. The company is known for drilling water wells
for residential, commercial, public water wells and small industrial projects. The company mostly takes on small industrial projects that are from 10 gallons per minute
to 500 gallons per minute. The business tends to drill about 90 to 100 wells a year and they drilled about 80 to 90 wells in 2018.
    Their service area is a 40- to 50-mile radius from their office located on the northwest side of Houston. They cover Harris County and surrounding counties, but Robinson says they don’t go all the way to the next county line unless it is for a commercial project.
    Robinson is proud to call his company a family-owned and -operated one. His wife Judy Robinson serves as vice president and daughter Tracy is the treasurer. All together, they employ a total of 10.  The company is a member of Texas Groundwater Association (TGWA) and the National Groundwater Association (NGWA).
    As far as company traditions go for folks near the coast, an annual company fishing tournament has been hosted on Galveston Bay in July for 13 years. When needed, the crew also unwinds mornings and afternoons at work with their Ping-Pong table in the warehouse.
    Scott Drilling Incorporated is a water well service subcontractor in Houston. –lv

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