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The 500-lb gorilla

image Gus Rasch with his clamshell generator enclosure

HOUSTON - Okay, so what does a 500-lb gorilla build? In this case, it’s much sought-after cages and enclosures for such items as irrigation backflow equipment to generators and AC units.






    Gus Rasch owned Houston Irrigation Services, but wasn’t satisfied with the protective cages for backflow units he was getting. So he built his own. People took notice of them. He built more. And more. Then he built the same protective cages for AC units and generators. And he built more. And more.
    So much so, that Houston Irrigation Services became Gorilla Manufacturing in 2010. They specialize in generator stands, AC unit and generator enclosures, forklift extensions, and irrigation backflow enclosures.
    “People seem to like what we do,” Rasch said. Case in point is some whiz-bang, high-security generator enclosures he recently shipped to a Department of Defense facility in Illinois.
    “We have gotten very good at what we do,” he said.
    “Right now our big push are the generator stands,” Rasch added. Not only are these items essential in an area like Houston, which gets a little bit of rain every now and then, but to the northeast, which gets just a pinch of snow every winter. Rasch ships a lot up there too.
    For Rasch, working side-by-side his crew is key to creating a healthy workforce; that, and providing good customer service. “Part of being a good business is having customer service above and beyond customer expectation,” he said.
    Gorilla Manufacturing’s items are ideal to keep folks with a propensity to “borrow” things away from AC units and generators. Their clamshell design enclosures make it easy to protect these things as well as grant access for servicing them.
    “We’ve gotten really good at this over the years,” Rasch said. With its well-made products, this gorilla can do whatever it wants to do.
    Gorilla Manufacturing is in Spring, Tx. -dsz

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