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Following their Buffaloe


HOUSTON - True to their family owned and operated business are the Kristynik and Lunsmann families. Buffaloe Floor Covering is a flooring contractor for commercial and residential clients. It all started in 1965 by the original owners, Glenn and Irene Buffaloe. Back then they called the company Glenn Buffaloe’s Carpet Service. Glenn passed away in 2003, but his name and business legacy continue with his daughters.



    His daughters have co-ownership with each other and their husbands. Larry Kristynik is the current president; Renie Kristynik, Denie Lunsmann and Ken Lunsmann are in ownership positions.
    Today, the company embraces the fact that they are on their fifty-third year of business as a third generation family business. Kurt Kristynik, son of Larry and Renie, is the sales and project manager. He started with his family business while in high school, then after graduating college, he learned the company was looking to bring someone else on board. Even though, Kurt was coaching and had thought his career would be in coaching full time, he was happy to join the family business. “I graduated on a Saturday and started work on Monday,” he said.
    Buffaloe Floor Covering offers more services than it did when it started in ’65. The range of services still includes standard wood floor, carpet and tile, except, now, they also include vinyl plank and minor kitchen and bathroom remodel for commercial and residential. “We work with the every day homeowner to multifamily, hotels, commercial build outs and new construction in commercial and residential,” said Kurt.
    There are two locations for Buffaloe Floor Covering. You can find them in Houston at the same location they’ve been at since 1980 or you can also visit them in Cypress. As far as their service area, Kurt says there is not a part of town they don’t go to. “We’ve had commercial and residential jobs take us to Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.” Primarily they service greater Houston and Galveston.
    Their employee count is 10, six salesmen and four other team members with various staff roles. They have 15-17 installation crews for various materials at any given time. The salesmen are also the project managers for their own jobs. “We are with the customer from start to finish going through everything with the job.”
    Recently, they worked on 80 to 90 large town home units. They also worked on a couple of office buildings, where they did an excess of 20,000sf of ceramic tile. “We’ve done a couple of auto auction houses, which are gargantuan,” added Kurt. “Also a lot of commercial build outs, especially after the hurricane.”
    Buffaloe Floor Covering crews are still working on jobs that are hurricane related, which range from houses that were torn down to those that were gutted. A large amount of crewmembers helped their communities in various ways, including demolition. “As a group we had some survival guilt to an extent because of the whole deal. In the grand scheme of things, it is our way of getting back out there and getting to work to help the people who had to deal with the destruction. We were able to get back to both offices by Wednesday of that week. We had crews going out that Friday to assist with demos,” said Kurt.
    Everyone at Buffaloe Floor Covering works together and as a token of appreciation Kurt says every year they give a Christmas ham to all of their installers.
    Kurt also shares something the family has discovered while transitioning their paper files to digital. “One of the funny things that we’ve found over the years are notes that my grandfather kept in every single file. The things that showed up in some of the files were packages of cheese crackers, packages of Fig Newton’s and we’ve even found cash in some of them.”
    Buffaloe Floor Covering is a flooring contractor in Houston and Cypress, TX. –lv

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