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Brand new lineup

image Robert Chupangco, owner of ACY Industries (left), with a customer friend in Brazil.

HOUSTON - Sometimes a manager has to shake up his lineup with new players. This is what Robert Chupungco, president of ACY Industries, did with his stable of stone and quartz products.






    When the paper recycling business in New York City had a down turn, Chupangco moved to the stone world, moving to Houston to work for Avanti Stone. From Avanti, Chupangco got with a friend and started his own company in March 2018. “ACY” stands for “All Commodity Yards.” ACY supplies and distributes natural stone and other stone products.
    The big news for 2019, is ACY will be launching its new line up of quartz products, called the “Lux” line. Chupancgo says the Lux line will feature colors and designs that are new and unique to the stone world. A new color that Chupangco is excited about is called Black Mamba, which will be introduced to Texas and the U.S.
    “I had this crazy idea to elevate this company where you come in and we have everything you need,” Chupangco said. The goal is to have high quality at good prices.
    Chupangco has gone to Brazil to get Black Mamba and hand pick the new line up. After getting feedback from other contractors and customers, containers of the black quartz have been ordered. The new quartz colors will be offered in Texas only, while the natural stone products are available in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Texas.
    In addition to stone products, Chupangco will also be offering new designs and models in cabinets and sinks. Plus, ACY will going from strictly residential to more commercial, retail, restaurant, condominium and apartment projects.
    Every baseball team not only makes new line ups from time to time, shaking up the batting order, but they’ll bring in new players via free agency or the minor leagues, to spice things up. With the new line of products and colors and styles coming in, ACY is ready to make a run at the pennant.
    ACY Industries is a stone distributor in Houston. -dsz

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