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Supplying the force

image Daryl Watson, director of operations for Condustrial, Houston

HOUSTON - In the old days, one would get the newspaper to read the Help Wanted ads. Employers looking for employees would post their needs and hopefully someone would respond.






    Now, when Construction Company X needs people, it can call on Daryl Watson at Condustrial to help fill their voids in the workforce. The Condustrial website says it “is a full service supplemental employer of skilled construction, manufacturing and industrial personnel.”
    Watson is a Houston native who was hired by Condustrial to get its Houston office ginned up. It had been in Houston for over four years, but with only one client. After Hurricane Harvey, the need for skilled workers boomed, and Watson became part of the team. He had been working in retail and service management when he saw the ad. He met with the national sales manager of Condustrial, and “the next thing I know is I’m in training in South Carolina, and I’m learning all about Condustrial and what it does. And I really liked what I saw.”
    The Houston branch is the only Condustrial office west of the Mississippi. Their headquarters is in Greenville, SC. Watson came on board January 2018. “My first goal is to expand this office,” he said. It’s possible that Condustrial could expand further into Texas, like Dallas or Austin.
    Condustrial’s clients are the companies who need workers. Its employees are the workers. “They work for us,” Watson said. “They’re on our payroll.”
    Condustrial ensures that when they send a worker to a Company X, that worker is qualified and ready to go. All employees will have undergone a five-panel drug test (more if requested) and have all the proper certifications and licenses if that skill requires regulating. Further, Watson will ask for references. “Anyone can have a piece of paper,” he said, “but the people they’ve worked for will paint a truer picture.” Being so thorough with the vetting process is a win-win: “It increases their value to us as well as our value to the client.”
    Condustrial must be doing something right in terms of being of value to its clients, as it was Build Magazine’s winner as the top construction recruiter for 2018.
    Watson enjoys a friendly rivalry with the other two main offices on the east coast, both in South Carolina. It’s game on in terms of finding new folks. He’s already placed people in west Texas, Virginia and Florida.
    Condustrial isn’t in the quick-fix market, but focuses on long-term solutions for its clients. “We really stress to them [their clients] that this is not a one-hit wonder business.” They don’t provide day laborers, even if the particular job is for a short-term project.  They’re in it for the long haul.
    Condustrial offers its employees a full package of benefits, and will handle all HR issues should something arise. A general rule of thumb, however, is no news is pretty much good news.
    Watson will interface with both his personnel in the field and the company. The worker works for Condustrial, but is supervised and directed by the Company X. Watson likes to stay in close communication with both parties.
    There can be an ebb and flow to what clients need. After Hurricane Harvey, drywallers and carpenters were in big demand. And, oddly, during a time of robust economy - like now - it can be harder to find good workers as there aren’t as many people looking for work because they already are working. “We just have to dig deeper,” Watson said.
    In fact, after Hurricane Harvey, Condustrial heavily stocked a restoration company with 125 people.
    Condustrial stands ready to help you get the job done.
    Condustrial, Inc., is a construction industry workforce recruiter, with an office in Houston. -dsz

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