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Top o’ the world, Ma

image L-R: grandson Ethan, son Randy, and dad Gary Reynolds, of Pinnacle Tile & Flooring.

HOUSTON - Randy Reynolds got his start in the flooring business when he went to work at his father’s floor company back in 1988. Gary moved Reynolds Tile and Flooring to Houston in 1980. Randy worked part time for Gary in a wide variety of positions, eventually working his way up to vice president.




    When Gary decided to retire and fold up shop in 2009, Randy and his wife decided to open their own company, birthing Pinnacle Tile & Flooring in 2010.
    But dad couldn’t stay retired for long. Gary now works for his son as the head of Pinnacle’s commercial division. At present, Pinnacle is currently working on some schools, a movie theater and several restaurants. 
    Reynolds said that Pinnacle has five pillars in their mission statement: quality, integrity, partnership, reliability and value.
    Reynolds has noticed that designers are trying to out-do each other with designs that no one else has done so that their project is unique. “There are some pretty crazy installations that architects like to throw at us that we get to deal with on a regular basis.” This can be challenging, he said, but, “We pride ourselves in being able to think outside the box” in order to generate the finished product the customer wanted.
    This means that Pinnacle works closely with architects and designer, not the end user on most jobs. Having knowledgeable guys in the field to interface with contractors is key to keeping the lines of communication open.
    When it comes to intricate patterns on a floor, like a mosaic, “often times we have to actually hand cut and hand fabricate a lot of those patterns,” Reynolds explained. It’s important, therefore, to have proper floor preparation, which will ensure all the pieces fit.
    A lot has changed since Reynolds first started out. There is a “tremendous amount of variety that is out there,” he said, when it comes to floor finishes and manufacturing. This gives the end user much more options on what they can have.
     A big change is also in the bonding and adhesion elements. “A crew in the past may have spent two weeks to do an installation,” Reynolds said. “Now, it could be down to one week.” Having a quicker drying time not only lowers the cost to the customer, it frees up Pinnacle to do more jobs.
    Reynolds has also seen a shift from real hardwood to the wood look (luxury vinyl tile). Ceramic or porcelain tile can be baked to look like the real thing.  Once a photograph of the real wood is taken, it is run through a computer and will look like the real McCoy once it’s cooked. Tile is resistant to all forms of moisture, offering another option.
    As with any style, Reynolds has seen color schemes change, going from the beige/brown look to more grays and neutrals.
    Virtual reality glasses are making an impact for companies like Pinnacle. They can show a person everything they need to see, including the floor, in the space they want to make.
    Despite all these changes, Reynolds stays on top of them all. He said, “Our guys [in the field] have seen pretty much everything out there in the industry,” with a combined 150 years worth of experience. “Over half our crews have been with us more than 15 years.”
    Reynolds’ son Ethan is the third generation to work in the family floor business.
    Pinnacle is a floor company based on five pillars that elevate it to the top of the world, even if located in sea level Houston.
    Pinnacle Tile & Flooring is a full- service flooring contractor in the Houston area. -dsz

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