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Fam-tastic legacy

image L-R: The Quinones – Maria, Antonio, Sr., Amy and Antonio Jr. working in Hockley, TX.

HOUSTON - When Antonino “Tony” Quinones Jr., a project manager at Stone River Excavation and Concrete, talks about his father and mother, Antonino Quinones Sr. and Maria “Luz” de la Luz, it’s like a love letter to great parenting. So it’s no surprise that Quinones Jr.’s dream excavation job would be one his father would enjoy.




    “We’re both soccer enthusiasts, so I wouldn’t mind building soccer pitches. That would be something very interesting,” Quinones Jr. says. “My dream job would be any 30-acre site, something large that has a bit of everything, that presents a challenge, that only my father could complete in a timely manner. He could really stamp his name on it and be recognized for it. I think he definitely deserves that.”
    Quinones Jr. says he first learned construction from his father, beginning as a youngster riding on his dad’s excavator at job sites. Quinones Jr., who earned an Associates degree and construction management award in college, considered a civil engineering career but realized that he enjoyed working outdoors. He returned to his father’s side at another company, shovel in hand.
    “Most of what I learned was on the job site, but my father taught me how to work and how the job is supposed to run,” Quinones Jr. says. “If I get to a tenth of the knowledge he has, I will be doing pretty well.”
    Quinones Sr. had dreams of starting a business, and he and his wife invested heavily into establishing Stone River Excavation and Concrete in 2008. Unfortunately, the recession dried up work in Houston and the company lay dormant. The couple resuscitated the business in 2015 with their son on board and Luz as the ultimate administrator.
    “We were doing little jobs, and through my ability to answer my phone and my father’s past experience with so many other construction companies, many doors were already open for us,” Quinones Jr. says. “We started working for a Galveston builder and more people got word that my father had started a company and that I was running things. Other companies that we used to work for asked us to do all of their subcontract work. Almost three years later, we have four pieces of equipment, and we’re looking for land to start a home office and yard. It’s going well, thank God.”
    Many of their eight-person crew are people the family previously worked with at other companies who have now joined this new venture. Quinones Jr. says the staff won’t grow too large, however.
    “We wanted to be like the big dirt companies, but we came to understand that with that comes a lot of unnecessary stress. We do want to get bigger, maybe have a couple of offices in Dallas or San Antonio. We’ll go wherever the work is; we’ve already had offers to go to Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and we have no qualms with that. As far as size goes, we realized we don’t have to be big to enjoy this work and make it something that we’re proud of. We can be small and do that.”
    After its first major project with Method Construction for U-Pull-&-Pay, Stone River Excavation and Concrete has worked on projects for Dollar General, ALDI, general contractor K-Austin and Associates, and Service Corporation International (SCI).
    “We’re being subcontracted for mass excavation sites, and this is what my father & I really enjoy, these big projects we can sit on for a good while,” Quinones Jr. says.” It’s great.
    Quinones Jr., who recently married, hopes to someday share with his future children what his parents have shared with him.
    “I want to show my kids what I’ve constructed, like my dad did with me. It’s a legacy,” he says. “This is something that we know we’re supposed to start doing and we’re living it right now. It comes with its challenges but thank God He has brought us through all of it. It’s been really fun.”
    Subcontractor Stone River Excavation and Concrete Inc. is in Richmond. –mjm

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