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Need paint? You Vette

image Stanley Jean, owner of Jean’s Painting and Remodeling, next to his company truck, not his Corvette

HOUSTON - Stanley Jean came to Houston from Louisiana in 1971 on a Greyhound bus. Now, the owner of Jean’s Painting and Remodeling rides in style in his 2017 Corvette.





    The Stingray was always his dream car. He’s on his fifth one now.
    Jean started painting for his uncle in 1971, sanding and spray-painting outdoor patio furniture for $27 a day.
    From there, he worked for another painting outfit. One day he was approached to give an estimate on a lady’s house. Then, came more estimates. Finally, Jean decided to go into business for himself.
    “It just happened,” he said, describing his career path. He “started working out of my car. I couldn’t afford a truck.”
    Today, Jean has eight employees, but will hire out for larger jobs.
    Jean’s largest job to date was a 200,000sf chemical plant. He had to sub-contract out to a firm that had the cherry lifts that were needed.
    He’s done commercial work from Miami to Los Angeles.
    Jean picked up remodeling along the way and does that as well, such as cabinets and counters and baths.
    He’s done a lot of Hurricane Harvey relief work, including his own house. Jean had to evacuate, and came back to 3.5 ft. of water in his house. He and his wife parked their RV next to the house and did his own painting and remodeling for the next three months.
    Jean is amused when recalling how some customers sometimes pick not-so-pretty colors. “I’ve painted some ugly colors,” he laughs. He’ll ask, “Are you sure you want this?” But, a job is a job, so paint the colors he will.
    Jean has won several awards for his customer service. He enjoys cooking Cajun food in his spare time.
    Business is booming. Life is good. Jean has gone from riding on a bus to driving a Corvette.
    Jean’s Painting & Remodeling is a residential and commercial contractor in the Houston area. –dsz

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